Monday, June 01, 2009

They celebrate BIG in Texas!!!

My trip to Texas was great!! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed myself. It was a lot of laughing, eating and chocolate! Each day we vowed to never eat again! Of course each day we broke that vow. It was just too hard to pass up the delicious food. lol
I heard when i was gone there was NO fighting at home. lol I guess they saved it up for my return. lol

ipod vending machine at the airport! lol My kids wished i would have checked prices.
View from my hotel room. The big buildings are the Texas Motor Speedway.

Cows came out for breakfast...
Thursday night after our dinner party by the pool (sorry no pictures) we all helped assemble party favors for the wedding. We giggled till we hours of the night....or morning.
More favor assembling.
Barb the Matriarch supervising. lol
Barb and i had an easy job and finished before everyone else. Friday was lunch at Carinos ( i think was the place) this was the guy table leading into the women's table.

Barb and Cheryl hiding the green haze around their mouths from eating bread dipped in oil and roasted garlic.
The teenagers table that lead into the kid table.
This was the kids table. One twirly girl! :o)One cutie pie!!!
another cutie pie!lol and another....some how i only had pictures of these three boys.
Friday night was dinner at Los something...all i know is it took an hour to get there....Laura invited us Mathie moms to the rehearsal dinner. The party was in the restaurant garden, there was a grassy area with a trellis and white lights draped around. It was really nice and the food was yummy!!
This is Saturday right after the wedding. The kids looked so adorable. I am sure they were up to something though....just look at
Us ladies....

Ahh...the reception. Laura the amazing wedding planner/bride sat the bride and groom at the table with their parents. Us mathie moms though it was very special.

Here are the happy parents of the groom! Julee looked stunning!
Here are some gorgeous girls you may recognize!! :o) They are great girls, It was very nice to spend so much time with them this weekend they are very lovely!!!
Sunday morning we gathered in the Honeymoon suite for a Church service led by Pr Brynestad and assisted by Pr Sipe. No!!! the honeymooners were NOT in the room!!! For some reason they choose to NOT stay in the hotel where all the out of town guests were staying even though they got a free room....wonder why?? I am sure some brothers would have had a blast! lol
Sunday we all "finally" got to eat at Pappasitios! Finally!! Everything Julee has said about it is true!! It was delicious! So this was the ladies section...Ahh... another cutie pie!! He was adorable! He was eating chips and salsa. Chip in one hand dipping salsa with the other hand. He really enjoyed it until he found a pepper! :o(
This was the teen age end of the table.

Kids were in the middle...
Dads were at other end.
Then we all parted and went on our way. Barb, Carol, Rachel and I all headed to the airport. Angie and gang followed Diane and gang North and Cheryl and Ellen were smart and stayed another day with Julee. :o)

Now i am home and the weather is rainy and chilly....pretty depressing compared to the warm sun that greeted us each day in TX. :o)
Dh's first words to me when i walked in the door was "Well, I am ready to move to TX!" lol I told him i had connections! ;o)


Vickie said...

YAY!!! for you and YAY!!! for Texas!
I am so happy you got to go and you had a wonderful time!

Teresa said...

Gosh..what fun it looks like you all had. Texans know how to throw a party, that's for sure.