Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another season of flag football comes to an end...

I bet you didn't even know it started!

It seemed to be a short season this time around. Just about the time the boys got into the groove the season was over.

Timothy is #8, this was the coin flip.

Timothy's team (Iz on) was in the championship game again. Both teams played a good game and it came down to a field goal (or something) in the last 15 seconds of the game. With the other team getting the point. Oh the adrenaline....

Timothy in action. The other team had 6 extra players, so our team played all boys the entire game! The other team could switch out 3 at a time giving their boys a rest.

This is the funniest sign i have ever seen in real life!!! I am not an English major, but i know this is not correct.....What do you think?


Šørën Kïêrkêgåårð said...

I love that they 'carries' all kinds, and they have accessories 'as low 9.99". Ha ha!!

The funniest sign I have ever seen in real life was outside of Boston, coming home from the movies with my uncle and my brother. It was outside of a Chinese restaurant and it said "WE HAVE GENERATOR".

Vickie said...

You're right I didn't even know it started. Anyway, I am sure the boys had a fun time!
You're right that is a very funny sign!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

So do you think that sign is due to a poor education or a non-native speaker's poor grasp of the English language?