Friday, April 10, 2009

Look out world!

Here comes Sarah on her new bike!!!
Oh good, she didn't fall!!!

Joshua wanted me to take his picture with a banana in his ear.....not sure why.
And here are some of my Monster cookies! Yum!
I have a funny story behind Monster cookies....
They sell them at the snack bar at work. At the end of the night the unsold cookies are set out for samples. The cookies are made fresh each day, and discarded each night. Normally i will take one or two if there are enough and take one home for hubby. :) But this one night there were 2 huge plates of cookies. WAY more than the number of employees left in the store. So i asked the kid if he would mind if i took a some home for my kids. He made some sort of comment and I honestly thought he was joking with me....but instead he was really pissed at me! oops. I offered to put the cookies back on the plate... He still was mad, NOTHING would make this better. So i took the cookies. Really, they throw them away if no one takes them! Ever since this happened he has given me the look of death! lol Hopefully soon someone else will piss him off and he will forget about me. I hear this is the way he
I came across a recipe and make a batch of my own Monster cookies! Wanna know what makes Monster cookies so yummy?? You take a pouch of Chocolate Chunk cookie mix, a pouch of Peanut butter cookie mix and some oats I forgot the oats Mix the mixes together and make as directed. When mixed, add in M&M's and bake as directed. Yum! :)


Vickie said...

YAY for Sarah! You look great on your new bike!
Joshua you look very cute with a banana in your ear!
The cookies sound and look great!


Teresa said...

How exciting for Sarah - Way to go! Monster cookies sound yummy - too bad your boss has to be such a jerk. Maybe he usually takes them all home himself?