Monday, March 30, 2009

Bithday Girl!!!

Today Sarah turns the BIG 7!! She is terribly excited to be 7. :) Saturday she had 2 friends over for a birthday Tea party. She said it was the best birthday ever!! Imagine me pulling off the Tea party of the year! lol
She got a new bike for her bday! She went from riding a 12" bike to a 20" lol She really needed a new bike! She also received a Only Hearts club doll, My little pony set, Princess coloring pad, monopoly game and a *real* Target gift card! so she can by her work out clothes, cause all 7yo's need work out clothes! lol!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quilt show and random stuff...

Sorry i haven't been around lately. It seems like days are going by so quickly that i just don't seem to have the time to do much of anything. Or perhaps i should should use my time more wisely! lol
Anyway...I went to a quilt show recently. One of these days i would like to enter one of my quilts into a show...One day. lol I saw some beautiful quilts. Here are some of my favorites.
I loved the color and detail of this one. You (I) don't see the heart border at first, my eyes keep getting drawn to the center star. you have to make yourself look at the borders. That is what makes this quilt so great!

I loved the snowman quilt! I was thinking of you Vickie! :)
I love this Christmas tree wall hanging! I am going to try to find the pattern and add it to my (long) list of quilts to make.
This wall hanging was so pretty! It was listed for sale for $50! I am sure the first person in the door purchased it.
Ahh...what can i say.....
This one was so pretty with all the colors and flowers. I don't think i would have the patience to make this quilt. lol
This was one of my absolute favorites! From a distance is is so pretty with all the flowers. but wait...

Look at all that hand stitching. Ahh....It was even prettier up close.
After looking at all the great quilts and seeing all the elaborate quilting, i have decided i need to buy a quilting machine! lol Um, yeah....(holds breath...)

Ok, now for something more my speed....A friend of Sarah's was having a bday so i whipped up this little bag for her as a gift. It was so easy to make and so cute! It was a free pattern from Lazy Girl Designs called the Noriko bag. Unfortunately i cant seem to find the link right now.
Ahh...Man's best friend....this poor pup is home all day with 6 people, when dh comes home from work the dog acts like he has been home alone all day! lol

Here is Timothy with a tool box that he made in cub scouts. He is very proud of his box he made. We also learned a lesson that we will NEVER stain wood in the house again!!! Poor kid will never be the same, is all i can say.....Don't you just love a boy doing chores with a joyful heart? I know i do!
I have also found some books that i enjoy reading besides HP or One day dh and i were at the library for a class on getting organized. There was 2 inches of snow out and the teacher canceled the class....sigh...doenst she know i need to be organized snow or not!? Well anyway, i started browsing the isles looking for a good book to jump out at me. And one did! It was called "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" by Lauren Willig. The thing that caught my attention was a review that said "Pride and Prejudice" lives on....Well, I loved the movie and tried reading the book, but it was just too hard of a read for me to get into it. so i decided to try this book and i really enjoyed it! I just started another one of her books called "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation" and I have a big stack of her other books in waiting. lol I requested them all from the library thinking they would trickle in one at a time instead of all at once! lol
So when i went to return the first book and not a single Lauren Willig book was on the shelf i went in search of a new book to jump off the shelf, and to my surprise i found another. (who knew the library was full of good books to read!) The book i found was called "The Constant Princess" by Philippa Gregory This is a story about the early life of Katherine of Aragon, and how she became to be Katherine Queen of England. Historic fiction at it's best. I also have a big stack of Philippa's books waiting to be Who knew i would love to read historic fiction?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Birthday Party pt 2

I forgot to mention in the first post that the reason for the party was my 40th bday....It was a very special day for me. My family surprised me and did this for me.

Emily took the pictures and dh got the printed off and purchased the frames. It was quite a surprise because i have been asking for a long time for new pictures for the wall.

This gift was from the EG family. I thought it was a pretty pen when i opened it. A little EG told me that her dad made the pen! I am not sure the pictures shows the actual beauty of the pen. You should stop by and see it in person! :)

I received several gift cards to some of my favorite places. I used a Joann one last week and got some great books and a wall hanging quilt kit. (I love pre cut kits!) lol Ok, so last but not least....the picture all (two) of you have been waiting for....The little black box..... :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Birthday Party pt 1

I have been promising pictures from my birthday party that was a few weeks ago. I just haven't gotten around to getting them posted. Here is a quick run down....
Here is my cake.

The party room....

DS with two of his many girls that are friends....
Dh embarrassing me.....I don't like being the center of attention.
Opening my gifts. You will have to wait until the next post to see what was in the pretty black velvet box! :o)There was a big room off of our room that was empty. The kids were all automatically drawn to that room! The ages ranged from 1-14. They had a blast playing with a balloon. I don't remember hearing any crying or fighting!
Sorry this is so brief. I have 30 minutes to make dinner, eat and get ready for work! lol Think i will make it??