Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time Flies....

My oldest child turned 17 yesterday! I can hardly believe it has been that long already. She had grown to be such a lovely young woman. snif, snif...grabs tissue
We started the day off at snowboarding. The weather/snow was good even though we have had several extremely warm days and then rain. After a long day of snowboarding, we had a short wait at home for dad to get home from work. then we headed off to CC. She invited three friends to come to her party, Which was nice she doesn't get to do stuff with friends too much. It was fun to see her laughing and being goofy with other teens. We stayed at CC as long as dad could stand. lol There were a LOT of kids there last night! Shouldnt kids be HOME onFriday the 13th?? It is a scary night!! lol
Eddie, Robyn, Emily S and Emily C

They did some goofy stuff, unfortunalty i dont think anyone got photos of the real good stuff! lol

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Vickie said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time!