Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pine Wood Derby Champ take 2

For the second year in a row Timothy won 1st place for his den and 3rd place in the pack. He was super excited even though he doesn't look it. I think he was worried about missing the Superbowl.
Here are the top 3 winners...This is an awesome shot! Timothy's car is in the far lane under the #1

I am so proud of Timothy and his dad for the work they put into the car "together" Timothy designed the car and dad helped with the cutting, but it was up to Timothy to do the rest. We have discovered in Pine Wood Derby events, that you can tell which cars the dads made and a which cars the boys made. Even though Timothy's car doesn't look like a professional wood worker built the car, it still was fast enough to blow past the other cars.
Now i need to get him a shelf to store all his trophies. :o)

I had to go look at the pics from last year. I was surprised to see how much Timothy has changed, and surprised to see the same boys and dads in the pics. lol The boy that won last year won again this year. We think he used the same car too. lol We had joked about using the same car next year. lol


Vickie said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Timothy! Great Job on being Number 1!

Angie said...

way to go Timothy!!! :)
(and good for dad letting him do the work himself)

Melzie said...

he has grown a lot since last year. We are doing our 3rd derby via church, I'll post pics towards the end of Feb ;) My car is too cute, its a turtle! LOL xoxo melzie