Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Valentine's Suprise!

My sweetie gave me these roses for Valentine's Day! :)
We really didn't do much, I had to work. as usual But even so, we don't enjoy going out and waiting *forever* to get a table at a restaurant. We normally do something simple at home. This year was no different. We got the kids each a candy heart with chocolates and the girls and Josh got a stuffed animal. I didn't see anything the older boys would be interested in so they got a gift card for that *thing* they have been saving for. now what was that *thing? Anyway they were thrilled to get the gift card! We were going to have a special lunch, but i forgot to buy special I did find a Valentine cake that we had after lunch, since i had to go to work.

I received another Valentine surprise in the mail that day! My friend Vickie and her girls sent me a package.
This is what is left of it....Josh took off with the candy hearts and the Valentine card. He said it was his! lol I have been protecting the remaining items so Sarah doenst take off with my doll and hearts. :) lol Thank you Vickie and girls!!! :o)