Monday, January 26, 2009

What happened to me?

No, I did not fall off the face of the planet....I am still hanging on.
We are on our 2nd week of being sick. I am on to cold variation #2 on top of having a decent work schedule. Too bad i wasn't sick when hours were cut back...I have a tough time calling off so since i am not being admitted to the hospital (last time i called off) I work....Dh is the only one that has not joined us in our sick fest. Emily joined us this week. Odds are NOT in his favor...6 to 1.


Vickie said...

I've missed you! Sorry you all have been sick. Keeping my fingers crossed that your husband doesn't get it! Hopefully you all will be on the mend very soon!

Mama Koch said...

I'll fax you some chicken noodle soup?

Teresa said...

Hope you are doing better. I am right there with you with the oolds, feel just lousy but not sick enough to stay home from work.