Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Catching up...

I have gotten behind on life again...lol so blogging (and reading blogs) have suffered. Tonight when i should be doing something else i though i would take the time to post a few pictures of things have been up to.
A while back i made some PJ pants for the older boys. I have been meaning to post pictures, but I always think about taking a picture when they are already dressed for the day. Finally one morning i remembered. lol Aren't they perfect angels??

Of course we had to get through this.....

and this.....before we get the perfect brothers pose.

My two teenagers are planning on attending a Lutheran youth conference in the spring with some other teens from our Church. The kids started doing some fundraising to help pay their way. This past week they had a bake sale after Church during a pot luck luncheon. I tried to take pictures of all the goodies the kids were selling, but for some reason my batteries never charged for my camera and i couldn't take any pictures. :o/ There were some yummy things, the kids are off to a good start with fundraising.
I have tons of stamping stuff from my Stampin Up days...so i pulled some of that stuff out and made some ornaments to sell at the bake sale. I suppose that makes it a Bake sale and Ornament sale.....
These are really fun and easy to make. We sold quite a few of them. I also made some of these....Not as easy as the previous ones...but they were a bigger hit. I think we sold most of these. Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture, the glass ball was impossible!

And then there are the domino ornaments. These were fun to make. Emily, Sarah and I sat down one evening and worked on them. After they dried, I spent a day doing the gold leafing on the edges, another day i did I put on the ribbon and another day i tied bows. It was a long process since we did so many. They seemed to be a hit too. We have a lot of them left over, I am not sure what i am going to do with the left overs. lol Our Church has a pot luck each month, so i hope to sell some more next month.
Of course if anyone is interested in purchasing any of them I could send you some for a donation to our youth group. :o)

Over the weekend we had a (blogger) tea party. Jane and most of her family were traveling through the area and stopped to visit. Barb K was the hostess that came up with the Tea Party idea. Friday night she hosted a family gathering. My family attended, but i had to work. But i heard about many interesting things that happened that night! lol
I almost missed the Tea party because i didn't pay attention to the time. I guess i assumed it was at night and i had to work. Luckily i thought to ask the time and it was in the afternoon. Barb had some delicious things at her Tea Party, like pumpkin scones, little chicken sandwiches, cherry scones and fruit. I cant remember what else, but it was good. And it was fun!

So here are all the moms from left to right is Barb M , me , Jane , Marie , and Barb K.

Since my camera was acting up that day i didn't get any pictures of the girls. Perhaps one day Barb K will blog about her Tea party and post them! :o)


Lotzastitches said...

Cute ornaments!

Vickie said...

I love all of the ornaments! Sounds like you had a great time with your Tea Party! The perfect boy angels look great in their new pj bottoms!

Karen said...

Your ornaments are beautiful! We have made the paint-inside-the-glass-ornament ones several times. The domino ornaments are so unique. I'm impressed!