Wednesday, November 05, 2008 apples were tasty! My six apples sure went along way! I ended up not only making a pie....

I made a pie like thing in a 9 X13 pan. It has a pie crust on bottom, crumb topping with caramel. This one seems to be the favorite.
But i still had left over i was going to make apple crisp, but found out too late that i didn't have any oats. I was going to use instant oatmeal, but we didn't have any of that either. So it's basically apple with crumb topping.
And to let you in on a little secret.....I don't like pie! I like to make it for my family, but i never eat it! In fact i wont eat any of these.

We also got fresh potatoes at the pumpkin farm. Fresh from the ground! :o) They made delicious mashed potatoes! :o) But i had to run off to work so i didn't get a pic or to enjoy them. :o(Sunday while they guys were watching football, i took the girls to the mall! It was a special treat because we NEVER go to the mall. We just cant afford it. We had 1 rule and that was No rushing! lol I had to remind Sarah a few times of that rule when Emily was looking at stuff.
And this is what happens (again) when CP gets ahold of my camera. At least they weren't rushing me! They each got headbands at hot topic. (lol) $3 on the clearance rack. While i was trying on coats they took pixs of themselves with their new headbands.
It was heart warming to see them getting along so well and having fun together. There is 10 years between them.
Well someplace i have a picture of fabric spread out all over the floor. A woman at my church asked me about making some baby quilts for charity. A ladies group she is in is collecting them. It felt it was something i could do and i knew i had tons of fabric to do it with. So I got out what i call **"my ugly" fabric and started matching it up. We separated it in groups of 3 fabrics that matched. I originally was going to do a super nine patch, but my ugly fabric is in various sizes and with the nine patch it asks for 1 yard pieces. I tried to adjust the pattern but it got too confusing working with 38 sets. I knew i would never remember what was missing or what was a different size. So i changed to cutting it all into 5 " squares. I really like how that looks! It looks so much nicer than the nine patch. The nine patch is great with pretty fabric, but not with ugly fabric. lol
So i have been spending some time cutting 5 " squares. So far i estimate i have 1, 000 squares cut. And I am only half way through my box! It doesn't look like that many, but it is.

**My ugly fabric isn't really ugly...Well some if it is, but that is another story. I call it ugly because it is not the bright pretty new stuff that they sell now. All together in a box i think it looks ugly. when we separated it and matched it up it is not so ugly.

Here is Sarah getting her award for Cheer leading. She decided on the last day to open up and be talkative. lol
It is not a real good picture... this is the card I made for Coach Dean to thank him for a terrific season. I just love this stamp set. :o)
And one last picture....Here are some of the kids on Halloween. Timothy went as a flag football player. Joshua wore a handmedown dragon costume and Sarah went as "queen devil" lol She changed her mind so many times....Emily didn't dress up this year, but she walked with us for a while until Rascal got too freaked out. Jacob didn't dress up at all, he's 13 ya know! lol