Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dimlight-funny spoof off Twilight

I'm Back! Did ya miss me??
The past few weeks I've been obsessed with Twilight. lol My 16yo dd got me hooked! In about a 3 week period i read all four books. The last one being over 700 pages. It is so addicting and i didn't have any self control (as dh put it) and every possible minute i had to read. (or be with Edward, dh again) I didn't take it to church...didn't think that was a good idea. lol But i took it everywhere else that i may have a few minutes to read.
It all started when a fellow home school mom sent out a warnning about the Twilight books! I knew Emily had been reading them, so I asked her what they were about. She tried to explain but it really didn't make any sense. I stopped her and told her that was good enough, no harm.
During Sarah's ballet class i would normally go out walking. Sometimes i would walk around the square 5 times, and still be back to the studio before she was finished with class. Sometimes I would wander out into the neighborhood and still be back in time.
The weather started to get cold and rainy so on the way out the door one day I asked Emily for a good book to read during class. She giggled and handed me Twilight. Sarah was off to class and I started to read. The next thing i knew Sarah was back. I thought perhaps she needed to use the restroom, but she said "no". I asked her if she got in trouble and was sent out of class....but she said "No!" :o/ She was finished with class! The time went by so quickly I was totally amazed! lol From there it was all down hill. I just couldn't put the book down, so I figured as soon as I finish them the sooner i can get back to my life. lol So now I am finished. :o)
Yesterday dd and i went to see the movie. It was really good but like any other book turned movie they had to leave stuff out.
Emily found this spoof off Twilight and we thought it was SO funny! I hope you think this is as funny as we did! :o)
Now that I am finished with all the books and have seen the movie, I should be back to blogging and reading blogs soon! :o)



Cheryl said...

Debbie, I would love to hear your thoughts on the appropriateness of this book for a 13yo girl. When I initially heard about the series, red flags went up about the subject matter. But lately I have been hearing that there is nothing objectionable. If you would be willing to share your thoughts either here or via email I would appreciate it! (Gene Veith, www.geneveith.com, also has a post on his site asking for comments from people who have read the books.)

debbie said...

Cheryl, could you email me at

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I think this is a very good critique of the Twilight books, though not the movie. I agree with a lot of what she says, although not being Catholic, I don't agree with what she says about "graces" in the comments. I won't be letting my almost-13-year-old read it.

Scott said...

I thought it was poorly written. I couldn't get past the first 200 pages, and going that far was a chore.

There are mature themes...and the vampire thing...but if witches and warlocks are ok, why not vampires? I have more reservations about the mature themes than about the vampire thing.

The problem for me is in making vampires "good guys." It doesn't make sense.

Maybe I'm just racist.

debbie said...

I really didn't intend on opening a can of worms here...
Barb, have you read the books? How can you judge the critique of the books as a good one?? While reading the critique, i was drawn to mention to dh the many twists that the critique writer twisted out of context....
First of all it is a BOOK! It isn't even true! and i don't believe in Vampires. But i LOVED reading the books! And yeah, I liked the Vampires in the book.
Yes, some crazy stuff happened in the books, take for instance the birth of the baby. Bella had dreams about her child and loved her unborn baby. Since no human had ever given birth to a half vampire half human baby, no one knew what to expect. All they *heard* was that Vampire babies ate their way out of the womb, and were impossible to control their killing habits. But Bella loved her baby and didn't want to kill it. Edward was desperate to save Bella from the possible monster baby that he asked Jacob to assist in producing a new baby. He was desperate! We all do crazy things when someone we love is in so much pain. And that is what he did. In Bella's case the placenta separated from the uterus and she basically had a c-section.
Yes, while in the womb the baby did cause harm to Bella's body. But once they figured out that the baby could communicate with them while in the uterus, the baby was calm and tried not to harm Bella, because she loved her mommy.
But back to the over all idea of the book. It is a love story with a vampire twist. I enjoyed the details of them falling in love. I enjoyed the time spent with her human friends too. She did have human friends in the books. Her parents were divorced when she was young and hardly ever got to see her father. I enjoyed reading how her relationship with her father unfolded. There is so much more to the books.
I personally don't care if you don't let you daughter read the books, that is your decision. I trust Emily and we did talk about the books, and she too knows that Vampires aren't real and that the story is a Fairy tale with a fairy tale love story. And life is not a fairy tale....

debbie said...

Scott maybe you are a racist against Vampires.....Oh, but vampires aren't real!
Plus you are a guy! Why would you like reading love stories? :oP

Carin said...

These are great books, nothing objectionable, I read all 4 in less than 10 days, my 13 year old reads them over and over, I love these books.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'll admit I haven't read the books, and that vampires and what not aren't real. However, one of the objections to the story seems to be that Bella and Edward push the envelope constantly in their relationship before they are married. I know you wouldn't want Emily sneaking some boy into her room every night and sleeping in the same bed with him, even if no intimate relations happened. I think you would also agree that although they had extreme self-control in the books, normally it is playing with fire to do those kinds of things. I don't want my own girls reading the kind of romances where the hero and heroine are regularly doing inappropriate things with no consequences or explanations of right or wrong. Even though Mr. BTEG and I will be teaching the girls right and wrong ourselves. The Equestrienne is also younger and less mature at this time than Emily. That's just our own personal decision in our family.

debbie said...

Barb, I don't expect you to let your dd read the books if you do not think she is mature enough. My point was the critique you offered was not a good critique of the book. And that you shouldn't rely on that info as to what the book is about.
It really is good, they are the only books that i would consider reading again.
Now that i have come out of the Twilight closet, I am finding more and more moms that are Twilight junkies too. lol