Monday, November 03, 2008

Champions Crowned!

The World Champions of the Viking Division, i9 of Summit County Football league were crowned on Saturday. Not surprisingly, the All Star Assassins continued their dominating ways and took the trophy in a 28-13 route of the Buckeyes. After last week's 7-6 near-loss to the Buckeyes, the All Star Assassins had a tough week of practices and workouts to prepare for the championship game. None of the players were seen together during the week, so the rigorous regimen must have been a closely guarded secret at a secret training facility.

The hard work paid off though, as the Assassins came ready to play, and to win. Coach Dean put the boys through their paces in a pre-game workout stressing a new multi-purpose offensive formation which he called extensively during the game.

All the weapons of the Assassins were used in a Buckeye-cracking display of shock and awe. Wide receivers Dale and Billy made several catch-and-runs for big yardage. Tight end Timmy made a crucial third down catch across the middle of the field. Running back Zac "The Truck" pounded the Buckeyes line into meal with some good old fashioned smashmouth football. Deano and Justin alternated quarterback duties, with Deano being the more mobile and Justin in for the long-bomb plays, and Dashawn was the Assassins' center, ready for the quick outlet in case of blitz.

Zac, "The Truck" makes tacklers miss on his way to the end-zone.

Timmy, Cornerback for the Assassins, instructs a Buckeye receiver about respect at the end of a screen pass.

After their victory, the Assassins were rewarded with pizza and each boy received a trophy. While every team got pizzas, only the champs got trophies.

The Assassins are looking at a long off-season of weight rooms and wind sprints. Spring season starts in April.

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Marie N. said...

Great job, Timmy!

Vickie said...

YAY!!! Way to go Timmy! Congratulations!

Lauriinnc said...

Congratulations to Timmy!
(Hooray for proud momma and papa too!)