Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog Giveaway andRamdom silliness....Part 2

Mary Anne over at Moonbeams had a Halloween giveaway and i won! :o) The package arrived in time for Halloween but i have been so busy i haven't had a chance to thank her!!!
There were so many fun things in the package. THANK YOU Mary Anne!

Sarah decided her favorite thing was the witch head on a stick.
Joshua decided his favorite thing was the Pez dispenser...... I haven't seen it since! lol

While at the pumpkin farm i spotted this pumpkin. (or it could be a gourd, not sure) but i knew i just had to have it! Since it was so late in the season i got a good deal on it! $1! Dh said it was ugly, but i think it is cool! Of course the I choose the half green pumpkin too. lol
This is what happens when the cursed photographer gets a hold of my camera...

On the way home from the Pumpkin farm, i saw a sign for an apple orchard/market. Luckily there was no one behind me and i slammed on the breaks and headed off to the apple orchard. Since everyone was cold and exhausted, Timothy and i went into the market to buy some apples. I cant for the life of me remember the kind of apples we got...but they are huge! This was the superstar apple of the bunch!

I really wish i had a scale to weigh this bad boy! It stands 4 1/4" and the circumference is 15"
Here he is with my pumpkins....and keeping warm....
The yellow apple is a golden delicious apple purchased at the grocery store and was one of the biggest in the bin. My orchard apples are about twice the size


OK...i wont bore you any longer with my apple least not until i turn those bad boys into a pie! :o)

While at the apple place, i found this Christmas recipe book. It had some yummy recipes so I had to get it. There were several others, but i had to use self discipline and only choose one. lol

My favorite ice cream....Yum!
and my favorite PBS show....


Mary Anne Drury said...

Hi Debbie!

You're very welcome!! I'm glad the package got there all intact!

Your kids are as cute as pie!!! Speaking of which .... I think you'll only need that one HUGE apple to make the pie!!

Melzie said...

LOVE the apple pics LOL

You are a winning fool lately ;) you need to buy a lotto ticket!

love ya ;)
xoxo melzie

Vickie said...

Wow! What a great give away you won! Lots of great things! Your apples are wonderfully big! I don't think I've ever seen an apple that big! The kids are so sweet and rosy cheeked after their fun day! Looks like a wonderful book! Your ice cream looks yummy!

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