Friday, October 31, 2008

Ramdom silliness....

Kids and Pets

This is an average day at our house....I don't normally post pics of the older kids...(sorry older kids!) the younger ones are normally doing something silly or cute....

Well, here is Emily...She was doing her school work until I disturbed her. She is smiling so i guess i wasn't bugging her too much!

Here is Jacob, as usual he is goofing off instead of doing school! LOL

Timothy decided the space heater was his best friend. He chose the best spot in the house on a cold day! :o)Here is Sarah, she is participating in an online class. She signs into the school website and attends class. For her age they are fun classes. During book club the teacher reads the kids a book and then they talk about it. Normally each student gets a chance to talk on the mic.

Here is Josh. Lately he has chosen to stay in his jammies all day! :o) This day he has decided to play with trucks in the kitchen.
This is Rascal our dog. He is so sweet and innocent isn't he!? If you notice in the lower right corner...that is a cat. lol He isn't as innocent as he looks! He loves to play leap cat (instead of leap frog)
This is our cat Oreo. He is a big ball of fluff! he likes to sleep in my fabric stash. He doesn't like Rascal, so he is good at finding hiding spots. When he does decide to come out of hiding, he is cuddly and mushy. When he was a kitten he didn't know how to purr. Eventually he learned but when he gets going he drools. lol
Our last pet is Tippy. She is a strange cat. She *hates* to be held. If you pick her up she will growl and puts on her angry face! But when i go to bed at night she is the first to cuddle up with me! Occasionally she will leave me and go to dh instead. She will even sleep under the covers with us. She is sweet unless you pick her up!
Now onto the Farm!
Yesterday we went on a field trip with some other homeschoolers to a Pumpkin/potato farm. yesterday was also the first day of snow for NE Ohio! (brr...) Regardless of the temps, we had a good time!
Joshua *loved* this part of the trip! It is a duck race game. You place
your duck on the starting line and pump the water to make your duck swim to the finish line. He was soaked and cold but he didn't care. He was having too much fun!

Emily wanted to take this little guy home! I think we need a dairy cow instead. lol He sure was cute. He loved to have his chin scratched.
Here are Sarah and Emily inside a pumpkin....
I wanted to snuggle up to this guy! He looked so warm in his wool sweater.
Choo choo.....A train isn't safe with Josh around!

Here is Emily doing a kiddie hay maze. I guess she shouldn't be to tall.
Jacob had a good time burying his brother in the corn wagon
Aww...and Sarah and Josh snuggling up to a scarecrow.
Poor thing got his gloves wet so he had to go without. Remember it was COLD!!! His poor little hands. :o(
Princess Sarah in her pumpkin coach! Timothy wast happy being a
I made him do it for his sister.
This was fun! A John Deer hay tractor!
And the last pic is of all 5 kids together. Just so you didn't think I was taking random pictures of strangers kids. Yes, they are all mine! :o)
Come back tomorrow to see more!


Norma said...

How nice to meet the entire crew. Nice looking family you have there!

Our cat does the same, you can pet her or hold her only when she wants to be petted or held. She is not a morning cat so keep your distance, then at night she is right there wanting ALL your attention. She waits until she thinks we are asleep, the curls up with me. I feel so HONORED with her presence! LOL

Scott said...

Emily: Too Tall for the maze, and she got lost anyway!!


Teresa said...

Great pictures of your family, including the pets. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Connie W said...

What a great place to take the kids. Love that pumpkin house!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Isn't family time the best? What a great looking crew!

Vickie said...

Looks like you had a great time cold and all! The kids look like they having a fun time together! That must've been a wonderful farm! Looks like they had so much for the kids to do!
Lilli loved the pet pictures! She wants to move so she can have lots of pets(mostly cats!)