Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PIF and other ramblings...

This is a PIF gift that i received from Lisa V I have to copy what she said about it because i do not know cross stitch language. lol

"It is a mini biscornu that I turned into a fob and added a little flower embellishment to the top. It was a freebie design online and I used a variegated dmc floss and a small pink button for the middle"

Anyway, it is very lovely! Thank you Lisa!!!
(I used her picture too, my camera isn't taking good pictures these days...)

My Pumpkin Basket
I wanted to share my pumpkin basket with you. I actually made this basket in a class! I love it, it is my favorite basket. I took a class several years ago. The woman that taught the classes got all famous and stuff and went on to bigger and better things.

Do you know what tomorrow is!?
Tomorrow is the day of the drawing for the Fall Into Fall giveaways! Did you enter? If not it is not to late to do so! Go here for the list

Also if anyone is interested, I have a few more Quilted Tote Bags that i am selling after my giveaway drawing tomorrow. You can see them here. Contact me for details! :)

Sewing has come to a halt...

My sewing machine is not happy today. Yesterday i was working on a special project, I got half way through and decided i better stop. Dh says it smells like it is the belt. I hope that is all it is!
I hope my viking guy can fix it without needing to send it in for repairs! I will post pictures next week of my special project! :o)

Alien Abduction?

That is what the radio DJ thinks happened to the Browns last night!!! Aliens came and took away our Browns and left this winning team in its place. What else could it be? How embarrassing for the Giants! We're talking the Browns here! What did they have for dinner last night? Hmm...or perhaps the Giants were bribed? lol Whatever it was, I have one happy 9yo football fan in the house today! lol


Andrea said...

Hmmmm...I'm a NY-er so I don't know how I feel about the Browns! ;) Glad it made your kids happy! Thanks for joining my giveaway. What a cute basket you made!

Connie W said...

I took a basket class a long time ago and made a similar basket. I had forgotten until I saw your photo.

Vickie said...

I love your basket! YaY for your Browns! The cross stitch fob is pretty! I hope your sewing machine is all right!!!!

Teresa said...

What a pretty ornament - kinda makes me yearn for a Christmas Ornament Swap. Wouldn't that be fun to have ornaments for a small tree from around the world. Hmmm..... wonder where we could find someone that would host that?

I love your basket too. My mom makes baskets and I cherish each one she has given me.