Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Long photo post! :o)

After a very blustery day, I found my scarecrow in "time out"! lol I thought it was rather funny and giggled each time i saw her.

I decided to let her out of time out and added our pumpkins to her set up. That funny green stuff growing is corn. On top of that green pole is a bird feeder. The corn started growing late summer, ds decided to let it grow. So now i don't need to buy corn stalks this fall! lol

for some reason i cant seem to locate my "fall" decorations...I'm sure last year i put them someplace safe where i would remember...
When i was at Joann's last week i spotted these cute fabric pumpkins, I had to have them! at $1.49 ea. I think i did well! Also considering i got out of Joann's spending less than $8. lol Which dh is always happy to hear! lol
So I got out my Fall Cherished Teddies and that will have to do....I will probably find my Fall stuff in the spring.....
Here is a pic of our new couch! Not is still our old "garage sale" couch. With 5 kids and 3 pets, it was really getting disgusting! lol I decided to purchase a cover, since we cant afford a new couch right now. I knew Bed, Bath and Beyond had them for $60 (which is the cheapest one) plus i had a 20% off coupon. I originally was going to get the blue one (matched better) then I found this olive one on the clearance rack for $30!! I couldn't pass up that deal! I asked an employee why it was on clearance, he said because someone took it out of the package and they couldn't get it back in to look perfect, So it goes on the clearance rack! It matches pretty well...It is still better looking than what is underneath! lol On Tuesdays when Sarah is at Ballet, I normally go walking. This week the weather was nice, so i decided to take Joshua with me. (and his scooter) We were walking (scootering) around the town square. He was being so cute, plus he had my attention 100% which is hard to come by with 4 siblings. lol I started talking his picture and he started to ham it up. I took tons of pictures, he kept finding things he wanted his picture taken with!
I took tons of these pictures. He had to have is picture taken with each pumpkin, and there must have been 20!
I am really enjoying this stage. He no longer is a "Terrible two" (with a capital T) He is mostly pleasant and enjoyable to be around. Less tantrums and screaming! More fun and he comes up with the craziest stuff! His imagination really is something!

Also on Tuesday, i had the pleasure to take Timothy to cub scouts. (it would have been more enjoyable if the other boys behaved like Timothy!) They were making go-carts! Timothy was so excited! Too bad the other kids were acting like wild maniacs! Timothy is a quiet kid and normally just sits quietly un noticed while the other boys run wild. It got dark so they weren't able to race them (they made 2) They are suppose to race after church Sunday, but we go to another Timothy may not get to go. :o/

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!Yesterday the "store closing" sign went up at PetSmart! What were these people thinking!?!? So while i was in the shopping center, which i don't go too often, i decided to take some photos...
This was/is the Dollar Tree. It is connected to PetSmart.
All building in the shopping center came to a halt last fall. Sometime in the spring they took the store sign down and put up the board across the opening.

Here is what used to be WalMart....They are still packing stuff up and taking to other stores. It was a huge store!
Here is what has become of Joann's old
This is the partial shell of a building that is across the parking lot from the old Joann. I cant remember if it was going to be a restaurant or another store...
This empty space was where Home Depot was going to go...HD was the only Co. that sent their own people in to test the land. They pulled out before building!
These are funny! The mounds of dirt have high levels of Methane in them. They originally had the generators in the sewer drains on the sidewalks. they have since replaced the solid manhole covers with grated ones on the sidewalks. So now they can take the generators and place them in the dirt to exhaust the methane.....?
Here are a few smaller stores that have closed. Mattress matters and next door was some kind of Urban clothing store....
Across the freeway is where Bridgeview shopping center was going to go. That used to be a housing development. They paid off all the residents and leveled their homes. JCPenny, Target,Restaurants, hotels, Aldi, i think Lowe's and other stores were going to be built there. With all the legal issues with CV, building at BV has been tied up. Building there stopped last fall too.
Here is the bridge that BV overlooks.
And here is the city that CV sometimes overlooks. It was pretty rainy yesterday, as you can probably
Did you notice my Wordle? It is a fun thing, it takes popular words off your blog and makes a Wordle. I predicted that LOL would be on that list! and it is, in BIG letters! Also making my Wordle was 2sistersandme and Melzie! lol


Vickie said...

I love this post! Miss Scarecrow looks adorable with your corn and pumpkins! I must of missed it in an earlier post, but is methane the reason for all the stores closing and not building and they didn't test the land first? What happens to the methane when it is exhausted out into the air you breath? I don't know anything about methane. It all sounds horrible to me. At least you have your bears and those fabric pumpkins are adorable! Great bargain! Timothy looks like he is having lots of fun with his mom! I love your "new" couch! It is amazing how parents let their children act, isn't it? I love your wordle! Sorry for such a long comment!

Vickie E said...

I am confused....why did all the stores close?? that is terrible.