Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun Stuff

I was pleasantly surprised by a packaged delivered to my door the other day! I had won a fleece blanket that Melzie was giving away! I was surprised to find all sorts of goodies in the box! she sent several Halloween fabrics (I need suggestions for a cute Halloween project!!!) Two patterns, cute blocks that spell LOVE and the fleece blanket with Teddy Bears! I LOVE Teddy Bears!!! :o) The blanket came in real handy Saturday at ds's football game! It was SO cold! I was glad i grabbed the blanket as i ran out the door! THANK YOU MELZIE!!!!

As I was downloading the pictures of my package from Melzie, I found several other pictures that i don't remember taking! I guess one of the kids got a hold of my camera and had some fun! lol I have two guilty suspects in mind! lol
I decided to share them because they are kinda fun! lol I haven't been sewing lately, i guess i am at a low point with sewing. I *want* to sew...Just don't have anything I *want* to sew.
So here is an interesting picture of our dining room light.
A toy that came out of the cereal box....don't ask me who it is cause i don't know....
Here are some of the deer we had in our yard the other day. There were 6 all together.
Here are some marshmallow monsters that Sarah and I made. (mostly me!) She quickly discovered why i was trying to give these away! They are not easy for 6 yo! she got discouraged and i ended up finishing them.
Not once all summer did my rose bloom! Fall arrives and it finally bloomed. It only lasted a few days since it was so cold this past week. Now it is brown and ugly.... sweet angel! Isn't he adorable! lol
I assume my football crazed ds took this picture....

and then my new ballerina probably took this. This was her ballet homework assignment. lol
Cookies are baking in the oven, thanks 2sistersandme for giving me the great idea to make cookies!!! :)


Melzie said...

What is SO HILARIOUS is that when I opened your post I saw the pic first and thought oh neat stuff LMBO then I realized it looked 'kinda' familiar ;P typical melzie! Glad you enjoyed it hope you find good use for it all! :) xoxo melzie

Vickie said...

What a great surprise you found in your mailbox! Everything looks great! What great pictures! That sweet angel is so cute! How is ballet coming?!! Looks like pretty hard homework! Did you all win the football game?!!! That is a very pretty rose!!!
Take care!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I would love to be included in your drawing. The thing I love most are the colors and the smell of leaves burning. Nothing like it. Oh...and apple cider!