Friday, October 10, 2008

Explaining it all...

I am sorry i confused some of you with the store closing part of my post. I had been blogging on and off since January about the shopping center. But here is the short version. lol
The shopping center was built on an old trash dump. It is obvious that they didn't wait long enough or take the proper steps in planning. There have been problems from the beginning.
I worked at Joann's for 18 months until they closed this past April. They were the first store to pull out. We had problems with methane and in the spring when the ground began to thaw, the alarm was going off several times a week. The ground settled and causes structural problems as well.
It appears that slowly other stores are pulling out as well! Now when a WalMart closes you know something has to be up! Have you ever seen a Walmart close!? lol
The EPA has filed lawsuits against the city for with how they are dealing with the Methane issues. (or not dealing) Which the mayor is letting the tax payers cover his butt.
Across the freeway was going to be another shopping center, but they cant move forward until the legal issues the CV are taken care of! It is a big mess!
You are more than welcome to go back and read the old posts if you really want to! lol
I tried to go back and label them all CV.

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Debra said...

I can't say that I saw a Walmart leave.

I LOVE your scarecrow in time out photo...that is so cute.