Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Championship Football in NE Ohio

I love this post my dh wrote on Timothy's championship game. I hope he doesn't mind that i swiped it from his blog! :o)

Championship Football in NE Ohio

Yes, we have a championship team here in North East Ohio. The champs will be crowned Saturday at Sagamore Hills Township Park. The top-seeded All Star Assassins(12-0) will be playing the victor of the championship semi-final between the Lightning Bolts (3-7) and the Buckeyes (2-8).

Assassins' tight-end and sometimes-quarterback Timmy says to get ready for the game he's stretching, playing catch, and running. Defensive tripple-threat cornerback Timmy says he's been practicing pulling flags from his opponents.

"The lightning bolts are very easy," said Timmy, "but the Buckeyes are harder. They have two big kids almost Jacob's size. We have to be ready for crazy trick plays like this!" he said as he struck the classic "Statue of Liberty" pose.

The semi-final round is Saturday, November 1st at 10:00AM, followed at 11:00AM by the Championship. Games will be held at Sagamore Hills Township Park on Valley View road in northwestern Summit county. Come on down and cheer on the champs!


Vickie said...

Great post! 12-0 what a great season the Assassins had! GOOD LUCK ASSASSINS(especially Timmy)! We will be cheering for you from way over here in east central Indiana!!!!

Lisa said...

Just wanted to say thanks for my little hedgehog surprise!! It is soo cute, and it was a lovely surprise.
Thank you