Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleeping Angel

5minutes for Mom is having a contest and is giving away a bedroom set in their "Sleeping Angel" photo contest. The "sleeping angel" must be under the age of 12. You can get the rest of the detail here.

This is Joshua, he is 3. He *loves* his leapster and falls asleep playing it. Notice he still has the stylus in hand. lol I like that the leapster has an auto shut off! Now that was good thinking! lol Joshua is very much an angel when he sleeps! Not usually when he is awake! lol

Please keep your fingers crossed that we win! :o) As much as Sarah wants the Lily Rose bedroom set. Her brother need the Summer breeze bedroom set more! (just don't tell her!) :o)

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The 5 Minutes for Mom Team said...

Debbie, Thank you so much for entering our photo contest. I know it will be a hard decision, but could you please narrow it down to one photo?

The rules did state that only one photo is allowed.

Thank You So much