Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day to remember.....

I know none of us will forget the day of the 9-11 attack on the US. It hardly seems like it was 7 years ago. This morning my 13yo was remembering where we were that morning. He and his older sister were at the Nature Center at a class. I remember my dh calling me and telling me to go get them right NOW and stay put until he gets home! I went to the Nature Center, the class was almost finished. They requested that we NOT take our children out of the class. They were afraid it would upset the other kids. Since the class was almost over I let them stay. At the time we had no idea how serious this was, They obviously didn't either or I am sure they would have let the class out early. Jacob said he remembers wanting to stay awhile and play, but I wouldn't let him. He said he could tell I was upset, so he left quietly.
I remember the weeks following, how quiet it was. We live semi close to an major airport and often the flight pattens go over our house. I had never realize how much noise they make we just don't pay attention to it. How I longed to hear that sound again. Cause if I did, it would mean that things were back to normal. A few times we did hear planes. When we did, we would all run out to see them. They were always military aircraft. I don't remember how long after 9-11 it took for planes to fly again. At the time it seemed like an eternity!

To celebrate our freedom, I decided to share with you some happy things from my week. I won a blog giveaway from Mid-Ohio Knitter here are the goodies I received from her! I need to start looking for a fun quilt pattern to make using these squares! Thank you Vickie!!

Next is my lovely assistant Sarah, she is modeling a bag I make for a swap. I have some goodies that I need to finish before I mail it out. I kinda like how it turned out. :o)This next picture is my new sewing cabinet. It used to belong to ds who is 3. We had his clothes in it. He thought it was tons of fun to pull all his clothes off the shelves and throw on the floor. lol Now, its mine!!! hahaha!
And quilt class quilt.....notice the difference after my 3 hour class!? No, you say!? Oh, you notice the 2 blue (see Miss Tip, loves the quilt!) Well, I spent my 3 hour class taking apart those pesky diamonds that weren't right and fixing them! My teacher told me I HAD to fix them!!! lol I am thinking that once this border is on and perhaps the next triangle border, I am DONE!!!! It will make a lovely wall hanging...Cat bed or something....
This last picture is a happy one for me!!! You see 14 years ago when we moved into this house the traverse curtain rod did not work. The string was broken and so we had to pull on the curtains to get them to close. After 14 years of doing that and 5 kids, a dog and (at the time) 3 cats....The curtains and rod took a beating and the curtains/rod were falling off the wall. So finally i got a new rod! And for the first time I can pull a cord and my curtains will open AND close!!!
Did you know that traverse curtain rods are "out of style"? I learned that this week after searching for weeks to find one. I guess i am just out of style then....Not to mention it was cheaper to buy the $28 traverse rod than new (in style) curtains AND rod!

Give your family an extra hug and kiss today! :o)


Teresa said...

I think your drapes are beautiful and if you like them the heck with the style. I think it is so tiring to try to stay up with current trends as the designers keep changing the rules so you will buy more stuff. Thanks for your post about 9/11 -it does cause one to reflect on those past emotions and fears and the loss of so many wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

I think your star quilt looks great, and the cat certainly seems to agree :-)

Jacquelynne said...

Why do cats love to be in the middle of our "works in progress"? My dog and cat are expert "helpers" in my studio!

Vickie said...

Lilli and I went through the same thing Thursday, where we were, what we were doing, John calling home. It really was a sad day.
Congratulations on winning the giveaway! Sarah does make a lovely assistant! The bag is great!
Your quilt is really coming along!
I think your window treatment looks just right!