Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

Today is Timothy's 9th birthday! He is my middle child, and he plays that middle child card all the time. lol It was funny because we couldn't remember how old he was going to be! We had to actually do the math to figure it out. Mom couldn't grasp the thought of him being 9! lol
He has recently become a HUGE football fan. He has grown an extra body part and 95% of the time he has a football in hand. The good boy that he is, he faithfully cheers for the home team....(no further comments! lol)
He loves causing fights with his siblings and always plays innocent! I have a tough time deciding who to discipline since he is always the one left crying. And yes, he is very sensitive. He is also very funny, once you get past the bashful guy. He loves to make us laugh, and those dimples are irresistible! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMOTHY!!!


Mary Anne Drury said...

What a cute kid!!! (watch out cause in another few years he'll be fighting off the girls!!)


Vickie said...

He's a cutie! Mary Anne is right he will be fighting off the girls in a few years!
Happy Birthday Timothy!

MYRA said...

A happy birthday to your Timothy!!!

Thanks for entering my giveaway Debbie! I will be back for another look at your blog soon...

Happy stitchings and good luck! 8-)

Angie said...

Happy birthday, Timmy! Wow. . .I remember when Scott announced his arrival on Loopers. :)