Monday, September 08, 2008

Begining sports

My 9yo ds decided that he LOVES football! He asks his dad every day to play catch with him. Some days he is disappointed with the answer! lol Dh and I had been talking about signing him up for football and happened to get a postcard in the mail about a flag football league. We decided to sign him up! That was about 5 weeks ago. Saturday was the first practice day and he was SO excited. The torture he went through to finally get to this day. lol Too bad it rained all morning! We packed everyone up and headed off to the park anyway. Finally after waiting for everyone to get organized they were called to their teams. They had a short practice before starting a practice game. Timothy was thrilled he got to be #1! Luckily the rain stopped about half way through.
Everyday since he has been wearing his jersey and flag belt! lol Now he is counting the days until Saturday! Timothy is the one in the black jersey with long pants.
The same people that run the flag football also do Cheerleading, that was right up 6yo dd's alley! She was scared at first because she has never participated in sports activities before. Once i explained it would include girls, jumping and pom-poms she was in! lol Soaked and all she had a blast! They practiced some general moves and started learning 2 cheers. Hopefully they will get their uniforms next week along with a folder of positions. She too cant wait until Saturday!! That is Sarah in the purple.


Teresa said...

Oh boy are you gonna be busy this fall - but don't you just love to see your kids get excited about something that is also good for them?

Vickie said...

Yay for Saturday! Sounds like a lot, but I am sure it's gonna be fun!