Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall in to Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway

Thanks to everyone that entered my Fall into Fall giveaway! I have a winner! :o) Are you ready?

The winner of my giveaway is Carin

Congratulations!!! Please contact me with your mailing address and i will get you bag out to you soon! :o)

If anyone is interested I have a few more of these bags that i am selling for $20 includes shipping in the US. Out of the US please contact me for shipping rates. :o) Thanks!

Wednesday, October 1, will be the first day of the Fall into Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway. I will be giving away a denim/rose quilted tote bag.

To enter my giveaway, leave me a comment starting on October 1, (not before) about "what you love about fall". Any comments that do not include this requirement will not be counted.

A list of all participants in the Fall into Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway are listed at the link. Make sure to visit them all and enter all of the drawings. It is not too late to join us, leave me a comment at the link to be added to the list.

I will draw a winner on October 15th! Good luck to everyone.

Sleeping Angel

5minutes for Mom is having a contest and is giving away a bedroom set in their "Sleeping Angel" photo contest. The "sleeping angel" must be under the age of 12. You can get the rest of the detail here.

This is Joshua, he is 3. He *loves* his leapster and falls asleep playing it. Notice he still has the stylus in hand. lol I like that the leapster has an auto shut off! Now that was good thinking! lol Joshua is very much an angel when he sleeps! Not usually when he is awake! lol

Please keep your fingers crossed that we win! :o) As much as Sarah wants the Lily Rose bedroom set. Her brother need the Summer breeze bedroom set more! (just don't tell her!) :o)

Birthday Boy!!!

Today is Timothy's 9th birthday! He is my middle child, and he plays that middle child card all the time. lol It was funny because we couldn't remember how old he was going to be! We had to actually do the math to figure it out. Mom couldn't grasp the thought of him being 9! lol
He has recently become a HUGE football fan. He has grown an extra body part and 95% of the time he has a football in hand. The good boy that he is, he faithfully cheers for the home team....(no further comments! lol)
He loves causing fights with his siblings and always plays innocent! I have a tough time deciding who to discipline since he is always the one left crying. And yes, he is very sensitive. He is also very funny, once you get past the bashful guy. He loves to make us laugh, and those dimples are irresistible! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMOTHY!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids in action

On Saturday mornings Timothy plays flag football and Sarah has cheerleading. This is the first year for both of them to be participating in sports.
Timothy lives and breaths football! He faithfully cheers on the Cleveland Browns and takes it rather well when they continue to loose....the only time they ever seem to win is when Tim and dad play football on Wii. lol
Each week at football the coach gives one boy an award for the best performance. Timothy was thrilled beyond words to receive an award at his first game! His award was for "The Most Intense Player"
And here is "the most intense player" after he got home....
Sarah was nervous at first about joining cheerleading. She was afraid she wouldn't like it! I told her that it will be girls, pom poms and fun! Whats not to like!? She decided to give it a try and she LOVES it!
This is her leading the girls in a cheer...
Looks like she is having fun..huh?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm so lucky!!!

I while back I joined a bag swap that Linda was having. My bag arrived the other day! I was so excited to finally receive my package. My package came from May Britt in Norway. I absolutely love it! I really didn't give her much to go on...because i like so many colors, i just couldn't choose. I am very happy with what she sent! THANK YOU May Britt!! :o)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall in to Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway

I am happy to announce that i am participating in the "Fall into Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway"!
For all you quilters, take a look and please consider joining in the fun by signing up too! I will be posting about the item i am giving away soon....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goofing around and some other things...

This past Sunday i met some friends at Panera for lunch and stamping. We had so much fun! lol Plus the food was yummy! We sat in a smaller room off to the side. No one dared to sit in that room that afternoon. I think we sniffed one to many stamp pads, all the giggling going on. You would think we were school girls giggling over boys. Instead we were giggling over cute cards. lol

Each person created a card and brought all supplies needed for everyone else to make the card. the theme was Fall. Here are the cards we made;
These pumpkins were so cute! Each one was different. Here are 2 random ones....
We have a ballerina in the house!
Sarah began taking ballet classes this week! She is very excited! I was not able to be in the classroom to take her picture, so I took one at home instead...There are 2 other girls in the class. Which is kinda nice because the teacher will be able to give more individual attention that way. She is counting down the days until her next class! School is underway!
It is that time of year again (or is it week) where i tend to get overwhelmed. Trying to juggle a 3yo, 1st grader and 3rd grader is tough. Plus trying to keep tabs on an 8th grader, making sure he is really doing school and not goofing off online.
Since we signed up for online schooling, we are not technically "homeschooling" anymore. Now we "school at home". Some nice things about schooling at home are that the "school" provides your lesson plans and curriculum. I still do most of the lessons with the 1st and 3rd grader. The 8th and 11th grader are suppose to be responsible for their own work. At the end of the week i look over the finished lessons and log hours. In addition, the school provides the children money toward extra activities. That is how we are paying for Ballet classes and soon the boys will be doing snowboarding. Any extra money can go toward anything educational. (ex. books, museums, games...)
The tough part about online schooling is that most communication is done via email. I like face to face when it comes to what *I* need to do. I think it sticks (in my brain) better that way....Or lists, i need a list. Sometimes flipping through 4 different emails i miss one or five. So trying to keep up with what child is doing what on which days tends to get confusing....I am trying to keep lots of lists. I have lists going up everywhere!
Ok, so school was suppose to start an hour ago and i am still in my jammies...better go get dressed for school. :o)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Local Wal Mart Closed!!!

Just when you thought you had heard the last about City View....
CV is the shopping center that was built on an old landfill. It was the location of the Joann store where i worked up until April. Joann closed that location due to various reasons, one being the methane problems. WalMart announce this morning that the CV location "IS CLOSED!" No warning, it's CLOSED! I guess they have had enough too!
I don't go to CV often because of the dangers, but recently i was there and surprised (not really) to see huge generators with hoses going down into the sewers to exhaust the fumes. I guess the stores are fine (yeah right) but the parking lot has high levels of methane in the sewers. Across the parking lot is a huge mountain of dirt that also contains high levels of methane. Right at the edge of that mountain of dirt is a gas station! (hmm....good thinking!) I had also noticed that on the sidewalks they had replaced the standard manhole covers with grated covers instead.
Still in question is the standing cloudy water that can be found in the parking lot during a drought! A crack in the parking lot that goes from one end to the other.
The EPA is giving the city a hard time (lawsuits mentioned) over problems with the shopping center. It looks almost like a ghost town, since building came to a halt late last year. It is sad to see the shells of the new stores just standing waiting to be finished. They finally took down the sign announcing that the Dollar Tree will be opening soon!
With all the problems with CV, the shopping center across the freeway has been on hold until the problems with CV have been settled....I think the mayor really messed up!! This was his "baby" and would stop at nothing to see this to the end.....I think the end is approaching....but not the ending he wanted!! But don't worry! The tax payers will take care of it......

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day to remember.....

I know none of us will forget the day of the 9-11 attack on the US. It hardly seems like it was 7 years ago. This morning my 13yo was remembering where we were that morning. He and his older sister were at the Nature Center at a class. I remember my dh calling me and telling me to go get them right NOW and stay put until he gets home! I went to the Nature Center, the class was almost finished. They requested that we NOT take our children out of the class. They were afraid it would upset the other kids. Since the class was almost over I let them stay. At the time we had no idea how serious this was, They obviously didn't either or I am sure they would have let the class out early. Jacob said he remembers wanting to stay awhile and play, but I wouldn't let him. He said he could tell I was upset, so he left quietly.
I remember the weeks following, how quiet it was. We live semi close to an major airport and often the flight pattens go over our house. I had never realize how much noise they make we just don't pay attention to it. How I longed to hear that sound again. Cause if I did, it would mean that things were back to normal. A few times we did hear planes. When we did, we would all run out to see them. They were always military aircraft. I don't remember how long after 9-11 it took for planes to fly again. At the time it seemed like an eternity!

To celebrate our freedom, I decided to share with you some happy things from my week. I won a blog giveaway from Mid-Ohio Knitter here are the goodies I received from her! I need to start looking for a fun quilt pattern to make using these squares! Thank you Vickie!!

Next is my lovely assistant Sarah, she is modeling a bag I make for a swap. I have some goodies that I need to finish before I mail it out. I kinda like how it turned out. :o)This next picture is my new sewing cabinet. It used to belong to ds who is 3. We had his clothes in it. He thought it was tons of fun to pull all his clothes off the shelves and throw on the floor. lol Now, its mine!!! hahaha!
And again....my quilt class quilt.....notice the difference after my 3 hour class!? No, you say!? Oh, you notice the 2 blue borders....lol (see Miss Tip, loves the quilt!) Well, I spent my 3 hour class taking apart those pesky diamonds that weren't right and fixing them! My teacher told me I HAD to fix them!!! lol I am thinking that once this border is on and perhaps the next triangle border, I am DONE!!!! It will make a lovely wall hanging...Cat bed or something....
This last picture is a happy one for me!!! You see 14 years ago when we moved into this house the traverse curtain rod did not work. The string was broken and so we had to pull on the curtains to get them to close. After 14 years of doing that and 5 kids, a dog and (at the time) 3 cats....The curtains and rod took a beating and the curtains/rod were falling off the wall. So finally i got a new rod! And for the first time I can pull a cord and my curtains will open AND close!!!
Did you know that traverse curtain rods are "out of style"? I learned that this week after searching for weeks to find one. I guess i am just out of style then....Not to mention it was cheaper to buy the $28 traverse rod than new (in style) curtains AND rod!

Give your family an extra hug and kiss today! :o)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Vickie at 2sistersandme
The rules are that you have to tell 7 things about yourself even something weird and then you have to tag 7 more people and post them and then go to their blog and let them know! So here goes!

1) Like Vickie, I LOVE (diet) Dr Pepper! After my kidney stone ordeal, dh got me drinking Caffeine free. I normally have 2 a day, one with lunch and one with dinner.

2) I like ice-cream. My all time favorite is Chocolate Peanut butter. Second fav is Moose tracks. I prefer Pierre’s, but will settle for Ruggles. Lol

3) I am a mother to 5 kids, which I school at home. Of which the 3 yo is currently sitting in time out….again….

4) My favorite TV shows are Super Nanny, Survivor, Amazing Race and sometimes Wife Swap….since I am no longer working, my family also got me hooked on Hell’s Kitchen.

5) I am a pretty quiet person. I get nervous when I am in a large group or with someone I don’t know. I practically send myself into a panic trying to think of something to say…the more I try the less I can think.

6) I am not a very good decorator. I admire people who can make their home attractive. Mine is not…lol

7) Not many of our neighbors like us! Lol! Not only do I have 5 kids that are home ALL day, we also have a dog, that of all things… Barks!!! Lol Yes, most of our neighbors are retirees. They don’t like noisy kids or dogs.

My 7 people to tag are:

does the shoe fit





horse crazy animal loving girl

Uvulapie's girl

Monday, September 08, 2008

Begining sports

My 9yo ds decided that he LOVES football! He asks his dad every day to play catch with him. Some days he is disappointed with the answer! lol Dh and I had been talking about signing him up for football and happened to get a postcard in the mail about a flag football league. We decided to sign him up! That was about 5 weeks ago. Saturday was the first practice day and he was SO excited. The torture he went through to finally get to this day. lol Too bad it rained all morning! We packed everyone up and headed off to the park anyway. Finally after waiting for everyone to get organized they were called to their teams. They had a short practice before starting a practice game. Timothy was thrilled he got to be #1! Luckily the rain stopped about half way through.
Everyday since he has been wearing his jersey and flag belt! lol Now he is counting the days until Saturday! Timothy is the one in the black jersey with long pants.
The same people that run the flag football also do Cheerleading, that was right up 6yo dd's alley! She was scared at first because she has never participated in sports activities before. Once i explained it would include girls, jumping and pom-poms she was in! lol Soaked and all she had a blast! They practiced some general moves and started learning 2 cheers. Hopefully they will get their uniforms next week along with a folder of positions. She too cant wait until Saturday!! That is Sarah in the purple.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I wasnt going to...but here it is!

I wasn't going to show you my homework from my quilt class, but here it is....

When working on this quilt i was so aggravated!! I have NEVER taken a quilt apart so many times in my life! This quilt was a thorn in my side. I hated it! I hated my class and i regretted signing up. I was angry with myself because i wanted to quit the class! I had signed up for the class even though we didn't really have the money for me to do so...
After I finished the required work I put it away! I thought it looked horrible and I wasn't gonna show anyone! I didn't even offer to show it to dh. After a few days of not thinking about it, I decided to show dh after all. I had warned him about how awful it was and how disappointed I was with my work. I took it out and it was like a little mouse had come in the night and fixed it for me! lol After taking a break from it, I had time to calm down and refresh my mind. So in reality, it wasn't as horrible as i had thought. In fact only one point of the star was messed up. It is the bottom left point, and since the last triangle is the same color as the diamond you cant even really tell. It has a wrinkle that i will probably need to straighten, but i can live with that! (it is better than taking the entire point apart)
I was thinking i would stop with the star and make it a wall hanging and be done with it. After looking at the pattern, the star is probably the hardest part! So i have decided to give the class another chance. (and i will try hard to not be mad at the classmate that choose the pattern!)
If anyone is interested in this pattern when i am done please let me know! I will never use this pattern again! lol I must warn you, this pattern is not easy to follow. You must have an add on set of directions and templates. (additional $$) So you must look at this add on pattern to learn how to make the star, then refer back to original pattern. I happen to have a copy of both patterns along with the templates.

Over the weekend I happened to be in my local craft store while they were having a having a bead roadshow (or something like that) They were having a drawing for beading stuff so I entered, Even though I don't do any beading...I did make a bracelet at the store, Oh, my was that stressful! lol All those pretty beads to choose from! lol Any way while I was finishing up my bracelet I heard them page someone with a similar name to mine. After I was finished I went to ask who they had paged. She had pronounced my last name wrong, it was me! I didn't win the grand prize beading bundle, but i won a book! Since I was so frazzled from this simple bracelet, I thanked her and tucked the book in my arm and went home. Later that evening I remembered about the book and decided to take a look at it. It is a very interesting book and has lots of neat ideas. The book is on making cards and jewelry items using altered creations. This book is too far out of the box for me! So I decided to offer it to my blog readers. If you would be interested in this book leave a comment and at the end of the week i will choose a winner!