Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School :o)

This week the kids are suppose to start school. Since they are home for school it isn't a big deal. To celebrate we went out for ice cream last night. Anyone ever wonder what it would cost a family of 7 to go to Dairy Queen? Since it was a special day, we let them order what they wanted and they didnt have to share.... (Scott you hush!) ;o)
The worst part about the first day of school was with the online schools we are using this year. Both had their big launch Monday morning. Both failed! Emily is getting into classes today, but not sure yet how much is getting accomplished.
The other three are in a different online school and we have not been able to get into classes yet. Most of the *school* stuff doesn't start till Sept anyway. So we have time to wait for them to work out the kinks before we panic.
When talking to Josh my 3yo about the kids starting school (at home) he said "It's not fair!" lol For the past 10 years we have done school at home, so I am not sure what his problem is...other than being a 3 yo boy. lol
I also decided to take a class. My original quilt teacher invited me to attend a class she was teaching. I signed up for the class with not ever seeing the pattern we were making! She was so excited about it and was enthusiastic in describing the pattern that i just signed up. Now that i have the pattern in hand, i do regret it. I dont exactly like the pattern. So i didnt want to put money into it. Plus the day i went to pick out fabric was one of the few times Joanns didnt have it on sale! I decided to use ugly fabric from my stash and be done with it.
My first class was Sunday, all the other ladies had bright pretty fabric and i had my old ugly fabric. One woman was kind enough to compliment me on my fabric. That caused me to laugh. lol Why do i feel like i am back in grade school? lol (everyone else had new clothes and i had my old ugly clothes) lol The teacher told me that once i get some blocks together it will look good. I am hesitant to belevie her. lol
This is the pattern....The teachers sample center block looked much better without all those vines and yo-yo's on it! I am sure i am going to leave that part off my quilt. I will have to do something differant with those white blocks on the border to make up for the lack of yo-yo's.
I am not far enough along to post pictures, but i will soon. :o)


Teresa said...

I like the pattern and you just might be surprised how nice yours turns out. I too am not a big fan of yoyo's but they do look cute with Aunt Grace type fabrics. Good luck to your kids in getting started with their classes. I did not even realize there was such a thing as on-line schools now.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oh dear. I like the quilt as is. The yo-yos look like climbing roses. Of course, it may look different close up as opposed to the giant overview.

I have had a couple of people tell me recently that they didn't know that online schools existed either. That strikes me as funny but I guess depending on your life circumstances you wouldn't know.

Melzie said...

hey girl, its your lucky day, drop by my blog to see why ;) xoxo melzie