Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More finished projects

I am just moving right along this week on sewing projects! I am surprised at how much sewing i can get done when i schedule it into my day. No, I am not an organized person. I just pretend to be one sometimes. lol Deadlines help too! Tomorrow is my moms birthday, So i needed to finish her present. She likes Pepsi a lot! So when i saw this fleece i knew i had to get it. It is just one of those quick fleese blankets, but i didnt want to tie it. Instead I sewed a 2' seam and cut the fringe. I kinda like the look better than the ties. I think in a few months when the tempertures, drop she will appreciat it more. :)
The family that lives next door is moving in a few weeks. This is the first summer that the kids next door have been allowed out of their yard. So they have been over playing almost every day. They are good kids, and we have come to really like them. I decided to make them a little something to remember us by. So I made them each a pillowcase and a photo album with their names on it. I am going to put our address on the inside of the album so they can keep in touch. We have been taking pictures for the past several days. I plan on printing some off to place inside their albums. Isaiah is at camp this week so I will give it to them next week.

So yesterday while i was at Joann's getting fabric....Yes, i needed to buy more. What i had didnt work for what i needed. I had extra coupons from their coupon commotion sale since i couldnt really find anything i *had* to have. Funny how you dont *need* things at 40% off when you have gotten things at 90% off. It makes you think twice about spending your money. I didnt know at the time that patterns were .99 though. Guess it helps to look at the sale flyer.... While i was standing in line i was flipping though some magizines. I decided to splurge and get 2 magizines that i couldnt live without! I have been admiring the Quilts and More magizine for weeks! I almost purchased it several times but always ended up putting it back. I decided I better buy it before the new issue came out. Then on the bottom shelf way in the back was Quilters World. Hmm...looked interesteing. When i saw that the quilt on the front cover had chickadees on it, I *had* to have it! And hey! I still had a 40% off coupon!
Here is a picture of projects. It has a wall hanging, a table runner and coasters. This is going to be on my list of projects once Sarah's quilt is finished! and Jacobs....lol
Thanks for stopping by! :o)


Laila said...

Hi. You have realy been busy making a lots of items. I realy lovd the tabelrunner and all the other things you could make with sunflowers and birds on. Thats are what I will call a great buying.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Whew girl! Have you ever been busy! And did you see your give-away numbers recently? Over 100...WOW! All your projects are awesome!

Linda said...

How sweet, making the gifts for the kids next door. Love the items in the magazine, are they needle turn applique?

katicabogár said...

I like your projects.Sunflower is
my favourite flower.

Marie N. said...

I can see why you're attracted to the wall hanging and table runner. What a nice way to dress up a dining area!

debbie said...

Hi Lynne!! can you believe the numbers!? What a network of quilting bloggers.

Linda, thanks for coming by! I love your blog. :O) The flowers and birds in the pattern are machine appliqued. I have not tried that but it sounds much faster than by hand! lol

katicabogar, I too love sunflowers! Thanks for stopping by.

Marie, yes i think it would look great on my dining room wall. Too bad it isn't longer to hide all the chair marks on the wall....I suppose that is what chair rails are for. :o)