Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lots to catch up on

Here is my littlest guy with his new hair cut. He was way past due! He really doesn't like getting his hair cut, so i do it as little as possible. Isn't he a cutie!? Now if he would act as sweet as he looks...sigh.....

Here is the before shot. He had dumped an entire bag of cat treats on the floor. He made two furry bestfriends that day. lol Oh yeah, this stubborn boy is potty trained! As stubborn as he is, I have to say he was about the easiest and fastest to potty train. NO MORE DIAPERS!!!! Yippee! He likes to wear his underwear backwards so he can see Thomas on his front. What were these underware companies thinking putting the characters on the butts?Last week dh and ds13 were off to boy scout camp. The other four kids and i were on our own for the week. We started off going to a cub scout picnic at a local pool. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water. Actually I only took two kids to that picnic. Joshua was being very naughty so he stayed home with big sis and took a nap. I was actually able to sit and relax for a few hours watching from my nice chair in the sun. That beautiful day ended quickly when a huge storm rolled in really quick!
Another day we went to a really nice park. We don't go to very often, so it was kinda fun. It was a beautiful day so it wasn't too bad. Josh loved these springy animal rides.

We found a dino for two which was twice as fun! Oh wait! a springy ride for three! (actually 4 but i only had 3 kids that day, that was really strange)

One of the best parts was getting to watch the dump trucks working next door. Boys and mom both enjoyed that. (mom has a secret dream of becoming a dump truck driver one day!) lol I was thrilled to see that 2 of the 3 dump truck drivers were women! :)Lets see....Our new mayor brought back the fireworks display, so we went to see them. We found a spot that had a good view and was not crowded. The boys near us were playing catch with a football, so once Timothy got over being shy he jumped right in. He really enjoyed that!

On the 4th we didnt have any plans since most of our family was out of town. We decided to attend the parade in the next town over. It was alot of fun as usual. They call it the "candy parade". The name says it all! This parade lasted 1.5 hours!!! We hadnt even realized it until we got home. That is how much fun it was. After that we grilled some burgers. I ended up making a few hocky pucks instead. I actually set off the smoke alarm inside the house by grilling out side. My family is very proud of me! (It is a joke around here because i set off the smoke alarm a lot! when my 2yo hears the alarm, he grabs a book to fan the alarm. you know i'm good!)
After we ate we did some tye dying. Emily wanted Elvis curtains, but since we couldnt find Elvis fabric she decided on tye dye. they came out really-really neat! Once i find those pictures i will have to post them. After the curtains were done we had fun with the extra dye. Emily dyed some sheets, socks and tights. The other kids each did a shirt. I thought it would be fun to dye a pair of Jacobs undies. Not sure how much he liked that! At least i used blue and yellow, which also created green. The neighbor kids each came over with a shirt too. It really was alot of fun.

Did i tell you dh got a new job!? He starts on Monday! Originally he sent his resume' for fun, because the job was right down the street from us. They ended up calling him, arranged an interview and hired him within a weeks time. He will no longer have a 60 minute comute. It will take him 4 minutes if he catches the red light! lol Can you imagine how much we will be saving on gas....dh is already dreaming. Me being the good wife, keeps showing him the medical bills...sigh....

I think that is all...When i get a little farther along on Sarah's quilt i will post some pictures of it. I also need to get that stuff together for my give away!!! Stay tuned! :o)


Marie N. said...

The tie dye sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing your creations.

Sniz said...

Oh my goodness...60 minute commute to 4 minutes? That is a huge, seeminly impossible dream of mine for my hubby.

You're right...I'd never thought about it before, but WHY do those underwear manufacturers put the pictures on the butts?

Glad you're doing well! Sniz