Monday, July 07, 2008

Just my luck....

Last year i started making a quilt for dd who is 6, I took her to help pick out fabric and started working on it. Then i got busy with things and I set it aside. Yesterday i got it out and started working on it. (dd was THRILLED!!) As i was working on it i was thinking to myself..."why in the world would i buy such ugly fabric!!" I feel horrible that some of the fabric is so ugly. lol Some of it is *really* cute. I tried not to disappoint her, but i did tell her that if when it is finished if she doesn't like it she can tell me so and i would make her a new one. lol I am hoping that when it is all together it will look great! (crosses fingers!)

While cleaning in my sewing area, i discovered that during liquidation i purchased double of some items. Hey, at 90% off who cares! lol I thought i would put some things together for a give-a-way. Stay tuned! :O)

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Mary Anne said...

Hey be glad that she's still 6 and is happy with whatever you're making her .... just think if she were anywhere between 13 and 18 !!! AND I'm sure it'll be cute anyhow!!

P.S. thanks so much for visiting me on my blog... come back often!