Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just my life...

I had to set aside sewing for the week. I had to catch up on other things like cleaning and laundry. With 7 people in the house, laundry is a never ending task. Also with 7 people in the house, cleaning is a never ending task. (just ask my kids) ;o) I keep trying to explain to the kids that having fewer items = less cleaning. I still have a hard time with that myself, but little by little we are getting there. I decided to clean off our computer desk and a book shelf that was calling to me each day for help. Unfortunately i forgot to get 'before' pictures to compare to the 'after' you will just have to trust me that they were a BIG mess before!

Before the desk was piled with mail and dh's work stuff. (and NOTHING of mine of course!) ;o) We would have to move stuff out of the way just to type on the keyboard. One quick move could cause an avalanche! I threw away one bag of trash, have a box for the mail (still need to sort) and a small box of dh's work stuff.
Now we have a nice clean work area. Hopefully we can keep it that way. The desk is a big "hot spot" for us.

Our bookshelf is at the end of our very small hallway. It was originally suppose to hold the children's school books, I am sure over the past several years it has, but currently it doesn't really. Mostly it is a place to stuff junk when one doesn't know what else to do with it. lol I threw away one bag of trash, one bag of books to be give away and one pile of half used workbooks that the kids wanted to finish for fun..... (Uh huh...I'll believe it when i see it!) ;o)The top of the bookshelf is stuff that i want to keep out of Joshua's hands. Phonics tiles and tangrams that he loves to throw everywhere. Shelves from the top down are my cookbooks and a 3-drawer unit for pens, pencils and crayons. Also high enough to keep from Joshua. Packages of paper and Usborne books. (yes, they are special enough to get their own shelf!) :o) The other three are for books in general. We have a ton more in the basement I am sure it will be filled in no time!

I also had some mom time this week. A friend and i decided to update our churches altar flowers. The old flowers have been used forever and were starting to show their age. Our original plan was to go to the craft store look at the displays for ideas. We were going to look around, take pictures and then show my cousin the pictures to see if she could help us make them. We had such a good time choosing the flowers and when we were finished our bouquets looked like they should in the vase. We had this great idea that *WE* could do this ourselves! We went home and one step at a time we did it!!
On the way home from my friends house i stopped by a quilt shop. I guess it has been there for a long time, i just didn't know it. It was much smaller than i expected. It was *okay* for a quilt store, they sold fabric and stuff....I was searching for a book called "Gifts" for the life of me i cant find the woman's blog! I can picture her face, i just cant think of her name or blog name...(if anyone knows who I'm talking about, PLEASE let me know her name, blog or anything! I really want her book) :o) Well, anyway they didn't have it. :o( I was also looking for a Lazy Girl pattern....Which they only had *1*and i literally mean 1! It wasn't the one i was looking for...sigh...I was just about to leave when i spotted a quilt on display that jumped out at me! I went to take a closer look and decided i *had* to have the pattern! I also spotted these cute little things made with the yo-yo makers. I have a few of these and never used them. Of course to make these cuties, you have to have all of the sizes! Clover was really thinking on this one! $$ Good thing they are pretty inexpensive. lol Or you could always get them at Joann's with a 40% coupon. The clerk said the pattern was inside one of the packages. It was not in any of the sizes i had. :o/ I have also been getting the final items together for my giveaway. Today is the last day to enter! I am currently up to 183 comments!! I will draw the name of the winner tomorrow!! :o)
Good Luck!!! :o)
I also wanted to thank everyone that entered! I have been trying to stop by all of your blogs. What an amazing group of crafters. Thank you!!

It is giveaway season in blogger land. I have come across so many great giveaways over the past several weeks! Here is another that i came across.

Lindi is having a winter themed giveaway. Stop by her blog to enter! :o)


Linda said...

Debbie the name of the author of the book is Rosalie Quinlin from Aussie. If you go to the Melly and Me blog there's a link to Rosalie's blog. sorry I don't have it at my fingertips at the moment.

debbie said...

LINDA!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! That is her! I remembered what she looked like, just not her name. lol I bookmarked her this time so i wont forget. :o)

julia said...

Hi Debbie,
Rosalie Quinlan's blog address:
On the right-hand sidebar there are some links of stores which carry her patterns. Hope you'll able to get a copy (I haven't mine yet but it's definitely on my list!)
Cheers, Julia

Connie W said...

Some of the projects we dread doing can be so satisfying once we've completed them...your desk and bookshelf looks so nice & neat. I too am in the midst of doing some of that kind of cleaning and organizing.

debbie said...

Hi Debbie Hope I'm not too late to go in the draw, Thanks Debbie.

Karen H said...

Hi Debbie,
I hope I am still in time to be included in your draw. I have just figured out how to leave a comment. I am rather slow to learn how to get around on the computer but i am making progress. I just recently found your blog and I will make sure to visit often .
Karen from Canada

Marie N. said...

The flowers look great!