Sunday, June 08, 2008

i forgot to tell you!

We decided to take a las minute vacation!! We are actually in Nags Head as i type. Poor Josh hates the beach! :o( He has been so excited to be going to the beach all week, we get here and he hates it! The waves are crashing and the bugs are biting. The rest of the family is currently at the beach and i am in the nice cool room with a sleeping 2yo. (he thought a nap would be better than the beach) Btw, it is really HOT here! lol Before we came back to the room i got to enjoy watching some dolphins playing off shore. Josh didn't want to stick around to watch them though.

I had been meaning to post about a few things that happened last week, but we got so busy packing for this trip that i never got around to it, my dd did manage to post about the huge fire in out town and our turtle visitor. if you want to read about it check out her blog. plus it will save me from writing it. :)


Marie N. said...

Enjoy the time off. I hope he changes his mind -- at least a little-- about the beach!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation! Keep us posted! We'd love to hear about your adventures.