Monday, June 23, 2008

A few simple things

Since i had not been able to sew much in the past several months, my sewing table somehow got piled with junk. I discovered some of my sewing things had gotten knocked into the trash can. (Looks like i need to move that trash can!) lol I decided it was time to clean off my sewing table and get back to sewing! In addition i am trying to get my space better organized. My sewing area is in my bedroom, which i share with dh. lol Well, it is more like i let him sleep in there. My sewing stuff is taking up most of the room. I have most of my fabric in the basement... but dd#1 has taken over much of that space...sigh...and i cant hardly get to it. That is what happens when you have 7 people living in a shoebox. lol
I decided to start small and do a few quick projects. When i was done i realized they weren't so quick. lol I had picked up this Curious George fabric really cheep when Joann's was liquidating. I was going to make something fun for my 2yo. He loved playing with the fabric and using it for a blanket just as it was. I ended up getting more CG fabric during liquidation and made this quick blanket for him. He was confused at first because i took his *2* blankets and gave back *1*!
The time consuming part came when i decided to put his name along the edge. It turned out really cute though and he really likes it!!!
I had also purchased some baby fabric to make some baby blankets. I decided to start with this one. I just loved this fabric! To bad my baby dd is 6yo and a little old for baby fabric. Luckily i knew someone that just had a baby girl! So one day soon i will be sending this off to the littel sweetie! I hope she likes it as much as i do! :o)
I also put a little more time into this one and stitched her name with hearts. It really is adorable!
I am going to do more cleaning today and think about my next project! :o)


Me said...

You are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!!! I really really love it!!!

Mama Koch said...

My sewing room needs cleaned too...will you come and volunteer?!

Love the name on the edge of the blankie. SO CUTE!

debbie said...

I would come in a heart beat...Only i would have some kid baggage. lol They love cows, i am sure they could do something productive while we clean. lol Why is helping others clean so much more fun!?

Dana said...

The name around the edge is adorable!

Darth Nemoyer said...

Aww. Even I have to admit those are amazingly cute, especially the name along the edges. How do you do that? ..Just by hand..?

debbie said...

Thank you all! :)

Me, you are very welcome! :)

Aaron, i am able to do the stitching with my fancy sewing machine. :)