Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation pictures

I have posted more of my vacation pictures here. :o)

A few simple things

Since i had not been able to sew much in the past several months, my sewing table somehow got piled with junk. I discovered some of my sewing things had gotten knocked into the trash can. (Looks like i need to move that trash can!) lol I decided it was time to clean off my sewing table and get back to sewing! In addition i am trying to get my space better organized. My sewing area is in my bedroom, which i share with dh. lol Well, it is more like i let him sleep in there. My sewing stuff is taking up most of the room. I have most of my fabric in the basement... but dd#1 has taken over much of that space...sigh...and i cant hardly get to it. That is what happens when you have 7 people living in a shoebox. lol
I decided to start small and do a few quick projects. When i was done i realized they weren't so quick. lol I had picked up this Curious George fabric really cheep when Joann's was liquidating. I was going to make something fun for my 2yo. He loved playing with the fabric and using it for a blanket just as it was. I ended up getting more CG fabric during liquidation and made this quick blanket for him. He was confused at first because i took his *2* blankets and gave back *1*!
The time consuming part came when i decided to put his name along the edge. It turned out really cute though and he really likes it!!!
I had also purchased some baby fabric to make some baby blankets. I decided to start with this one. I just loved this fabric! To bad my baby dd is 6yo and a little old for baby fabric. Luckily i knew someone that just had a baby girl! So one day soon i will be sending this off to the littel sweetie! I hope she likes it as much as i do! :o)
I also put a little more time into this one and stitched her name with hearts. It really is adorable!
I am going to do more cleaning today and think about my next project! :o)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The sad part about our vacation...

While we were on vacation one of our cats died. She had been sick, but was looking good when we left. I had planned on taking her to the vet again when we got home.

We had previously had one test done and it was almost $200. With me being sick and in a lot of pain i wasn't able to take her in for the next round of tests...I feel bad that she suffered, but happy she wont have to suffer any more.
I guess Rascal was pretty upset about it. She was the only cat that liked him. When bil came to check on them, Rascal was being pesky and wouldn't leave bil alone until he followed him. He took bil to where Chloe was. bil took her and buried her. :o(

Monday, June 16, 2008

We are back from our vacation!

We had such a great time on our vacation. We went to Nags Head, NC. We stayed in a little cottage right on the beach. We spent a lot of the time playing on the beach. dh took the older two and played in the ocean while i played with the younger three in the sand.

On our trip we went to Jockey's Ridge State Park Unfortunately we had decided to go mid day and it was HOT! We decided it was not a good time to go so we went to the beach instead.

The next day we figured out that it is best to do an inside activity during the hottest part of the day. So we went to the Aquarium on Roanoke Island. It was a lot of fun. They had a touch pool where you could touch stingray and sharks. There was also a smaller area where you could touch seastar, crabs and sea urchins. Joshua thought the best part of the aquarium was watching the divers cleaning the shark tank. When the sharks were at the back of the tank the divers would wave to the kids. I decided i would NOT like the job as the shark tank cleaner.....So after that we went to the beach.....We also went to see the Wright Brothers National Memorial Museum.
It was really interesting! but it was also very HOT! so we.....
Went to the beach! :)
One night almost at sunset Timothy wanted to go back to Jockeys Ridge and fly kites. It was much more cooler that night and the wind was perfect for flying kites! Too bad mom was thinking ahead and purchased cheep kites at home...that didn't fly. They were so horrible that we threw them in the trash can! The best kites we had were 20+ yo plastic kites from when dh was a kid and they went to Nags Head....the kids had a great time playing on the dunes, and got covered in sand from head to toe.
We visited the three lighthouse of the Outer banks. The first one is Bodie Island lighthouse. By the time we got there it was closed for the day, so we only got to take a picture.
This is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse you are able to climb this lighthouse. Joshua was too short to go in so dh stayed behind with one sad little boy. :o( I took the taller kids to the top. 257 steps to the top! My legs are still sore from that climb.

The last lighthouse is the Ocracoke Island lighthouse. This is the 2nd oldest working lighthouse. They never mentioned what the oldest working lighthouse was....
On the way back we decided to stop at the beach. This area of beach is not used much. I had heard from some ladies at the restaurant at lunch that this was the best place to look for seashells. We did find a few (lol) We could only take what could fit in our pockets.

Here is Sarah being a mermaid.

Emily had fun taking pictures and playing with the different features on her camera...and taking pictures of herself. lol
Jacob had a blast on his board.
Sarah and dad had fun playing in the sand.
And YES! Joshua did finally make friends with the ocean! :o)
The last part of our trip was to meet some friends we met on the internet! lol They are Lutheran home school moms/families, so it was safe. :o)
The kids had a blast playing with all the kids! the parents had a blast too! :o)
Exhausted and hungry we finally made it home. It was a great trip and we hope to do it again!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

i forgot to tell you!

We decided to take a las minute vacation!! We are actually in Nags Head as i type. Poor Josh hates the beach! :o( He has been so excited to be going to the beach all week, we get here and he hates it! The waves are crashing and the bugs are biting. The rest of the family is currently at the beach and i am in the nice cool room with a sleeping 2yo. (he thought a nap would be better than the beach) Btw, it is really HOT here! lol Before we came back to the room i got to enjoy watching some dolphins playing off shore. Josh didn't want to stick around to watch them though.

I had been meaning to post about a few things that happened last week, but we got so busy packing for this trip that i never got around to it, my dd did manage to post about the huge fire in out town and our turtle visitor. if you want to read about it check out her blog. plus it will save me from writing it. :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Back to sewing and lots of other stuff

So many things have been going on here lately. I am finally to the point where i can acutally sit with out being in terrible pain. :) PT is going well. I am scheduled for four more sessions. We decided that even though i made great progress, 4 more weeks would be kind of a wrap it up and lay a good foundation for healing my back. Last week at my appt i still was not able to bend forward. Today I can! :) Yesterday i actually put on my own socks for the first time in about 6 weeks. Unfortunately I have not passed any of the kidney stone other than 2-3 grains of sand...

This is Jacob after returning from a BS weekend camp at Wright Patterson Air force Base. This was the first overnight camp that he went on without dad. He called home every night, one night he called home 3-4 times. lol He really had a great time.
Here is Sarah after doing some school work....Kindergarten is so exhausting! I feel like that some days too! ;o) Yes, those are bruises on her leg...they are from a fight that she got into with her brother.
This is Timothy while working on a simple composition. Wish i could remember what he was writing about, since it caused him to cry. If you couldn't guess...he HATES writing!

Here are the girls with their new painted walls and bunk bed. As much as Emily hated getting a roommate, she was happy her walls are blue and no longer PINK! We are working on adding some color with curtains and perhaps some border.
With Sarah moving out of the boys room, Joshua got Sarah's old bed! With a simple change in sheets from Strawberry Shortcake to Looney toons we now have a boy bed! He is very happy in his new bed and his brother is happy he is no longer sharing a bed with him!
What chores do you give a 2 yo?? He loves to feed the dog and vacuum. He spent almost an hour one day vacuuming. It was noisy, but we knew where he was and knew what he was doing. (and the floor got cleaned!) Which is very important for us since this little guy finds trouble where ever he goes!
And yes, i said sewing! This is my new favorite skirt! No, i didn't make it...i found it at goodwill for $3. it was a little too big, but i really liked it so i took in the sides so that it did fit. Since i am short, it almost drags the ground but i am not worried about hemming it, i kinda like it that way. I just have to remember to lift it when going up stairs.
I finally got around to making Timothy his beanbags. He make his own game board out of a box and was using old baby socks as beanbags. Now he has his own colorful bags. Soon Sarah will have some girl bags.
Here is one happy girl! She finally got her Panda Bear! Lucky for us Build-a- bear came out with a new Panda just at the right time!! The one she originally wanted was "on-line only" for $25! This one was available in the stores and was $16! She sold enough pictures to cover the cost of the bear. "THANK YOU to everyone that purchased pictures! It was a good learning lesson for her.
Not only did she come up with an idea for earing money, she learned that earing money is hard work! She did think her hard work was worth it for finally getting the Panda. Although she was tempted several times to spend her money on something else! lol (and yes, she is wearing pink cowgirl boots...)So the whole build-a-bear experience is you choose your pet. They have this little thing about making a wish for your bear. You choose a heart for your bear and rub it on your tummy so he never goes hungry, place it on your heart so he is always loved, jump or turn in circles so he has lots of energy and some other silly things that kids think are great. After he is stuffed you take him to the bath and clean him up. (all pretend stuff) Then you SHOP!!! 2/3 of the store is clothes and accessories for your new pet. Panda which Sarah named Katie, tried on tons of clothes! She couldn't find just the right many choices for a new Panda. After taking several breaks, Sarah and Katie decided upon a pink a new pink dress. Oh yeah and a new stuffed animal for her new stuffed animal....It is one of those, "Why didn't *I* think of that!?" things. $$$$
Last picture i wanted to share is of Sarah and her new shirt. She said she really *needed* this shirt because she likes wearing shirts that are real. lol plus it was only $4 but yeah, she is just naturally awesome! :)