Thursday, May 22, 2008

more updates....

I have been doing physical therapy for four weeks for my sciatica/arthritis. For the most part it has helped. The pain is no longer going all the way down my leg and it is no longer numb. The closer the pain to the back the better. the pain is mostly in my back, hip and sometimes behind my knee. I still have pain 90% of the time, but not as bad.
Part of the reason why i probably still have so much pain is because for week 2 & 3 my appt was with a different woman. She was focusing on hamstring exercises even though i told her they make my leg hurt worse. The second time i saw her she gave me a lecture about how she can tell me what exercises to do and how to do the properly, but it is up to me to do them! My 4th visit i saw the original woman. I told her how the hamstring exercises make my leg hurt even more. We talked about it a little bit and she felt my let while attempting to do some of the exercises. She told me to stop doing those exercises because the problem isn't my hamstring it is my back injury that is the causing the pain and preventing me from doing the exercises properly. I hope i don't have to see the other woman again! She wasn't very friendly anyway!

Ok, so my laser surgery....My Dr said that the laser surgery worked! I guess this stone was hard even for the laser. Yesterday i was pretty miserable with cramping. Dh was able to work from home so i was able to take my pain medication and not have to worry about the younger kiddos. The medication knocks me out! You cant imagine what i can sleep through when i take one of them. lol Now all i need to do is pass all the cement. I keep trying to drink water, but sometimes it is tough! I have a follow-up appt in 2 weeks. I hope to have stone pieces to take with me so they can be tested. I still have the 5mm stone. He didn't bother to mess with it because this problem stone. He said it is still pretty high and it may never cause a problem. I assume that i will continue to do follow-ups with him so hopefully we can catch it before it causes any problems. It is funny going into his office for my appts. All the other patients are old enough to be my parents/grandparents. lol I get funny looks when i walk in and sit down. lol

I guess that's it for now... :o)

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Marie N. said...

I'm glad you're on the mend.