Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Customers

Sarah has had a few orders for pictures. She was very excited! I thought i would share them with you in case you want to order a picture too. She keeps telling everyone she is going to be famous! So you better order your picture now! lol
This first one was a request for a Mother's Day picture
She also had a request for a Birthday picture
The next request was for a picture of people eating watermelon at a park. This one makes me giggle.

This next one was a request from her daddy, this is the family at the beach. (btw that is me in the blue bikini!) lol
A 2nd Mother's Day picture.
This is my picture. I let her decide on what to draw. :)
And the last picture is of the Indians playing ball. Not sure who they are playing in the pink but she had to have something pink in the picture. :)

Sarah also gave me an early Mother's Day gift. All week she had been working on her gift. I was supposed to help her wrap the main box, but when i remembered i wasn't feeling up to wrapping boxes. :( She made all these little papers that said stuff about love me or i love you. She also had some presents wrapped inside the box. A red, orange and green crayon, a comb, penny, pen and a empty box of gum. I bet her brothers are happy to find where the comb went, and Dad wants to know what happened to his Oh, no! I forgot to put my pipe cleaner bracelet in the picture! It wasn't gold, but just as good! :)Here is what dh brought me home from Vegas...yum! :)

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