Monday, April 07, 2008

Remembering Elaine

Remember Elaine? she was my co-worker that I worked with for the first 7 months. 95% of the time our schedule was the same. We worked well together and we got along. I hadn't realized how obvious it was to other employees. They still associate us together. Elaine retired last May to babysit her grandchildren full time. I think she was 87... Shortly after she retired she was diagnosed with lung cancer even though she never smoked in her life. Her battle with cancer ended last week. She will not have to suffer any longer.
Visitation was last night, I had to work and was not able to go. The funeral was this morning and I missed it. I was not able to sleep last night. I finally got to sleep around 4am....i never heard the alarm go off...
Elaine lived a long life. She was a tough woman even though she was small in stature. She lived for her children and tried to do everything they asked her to do from babysitting to making 1st Communion dresses...Honestly they took advantage of her. They never remembered her birthday, but if she forgot theirs, look out! I remember her birthday last year someone at work baked her a cake, she was SO excited because she couldn't remember the last time anyone had baked for her. She knew her children would not remember her birthday. On Mothers Day *she* had to make, serve and clean up dinner while they sat around enjoying the day. I remember when her daughters family got a puppy. Elaine had to babysit the pup because it was on a strict training schedule! She had to wrap the leash around her waist and take the pup everywhere she went. she was not allowed to take the leash off even to use the restroom. I though it was crazy since the pup could easily knock her down....but she did it because she loved her children.
She was so thrilled at the reitrement party! She received flowers, balloons, cards and gifts. She said her kids would have never done this much for her and she was so touched that her co-workers thought enough about her to give her this special day. She had asked for me to keep in touch with her...but between kids and work i never had a chance. I had seen her a few times when she was in shopping but that was all.

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Marie N. said...

I understand your sadness at not being able to attend. I cannot imagine what I'd have said to her kids.