Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My week in review....

Things are going fast at work. I was surprised yesterday when i had been there for about 30 minutes before i realized the back wall was 5 feet beyond the cutting counter!! It moved fast! For the past several days i have been rolling and pricing HD fabric. (found something that i am good at!) Other people have worked on it but I heard i am faster at it. I heard my boss is impressed with my work and saves that job for me. A lot of the other girls are mad cause they want to do it cause they think it is fun. It is kinda fun, but it is also hard work! They don't realize that because when they do it they go so slow it isn't hard work to them and they don't get much done. My poor old sore body is reminding me how much work i am doing. Which reminds me!! A co-worker asked me to switch days and now i have 2 days off in a row!!! :) who-hoo!

Last week when we were coming home we spotted the weinermobile parked in the shopping center. Funny how far away you can spot this thing! lol

J's is quickly coming to an end. We have about 2 weeks left. They are ready to put up the "last 10 days" signs. The new boss has been giving extra discounts over the past few weeks. I was excited to pick up this ($300) OTT lamp for a few bucks....

And this craft lamp that fits perfectly on the desk for less bucks.....
You really don't want to know how much do you!? You should shop the sale! ;)(brake pedal....)
Dh hasn't seen these...but i got all these metallic and embroidery thread for the amount of change i had in my pocket. Aren't they pretty? (brakes again...) Dh *has* seen these...

I have decided to open a fabric store!
lol not really...but the price was WAY to good to pass up!

Here are some close ups ....I have loved this fabric ever since we got it in. I love the pink, black and turquoise . Plus it has cats too!
Sarah was with me on this trip and couldn't live without these fabrics...Princess of course! Her and i have this thing for Suzy Zoo, and there is a lot of fabric on this bolt so she will have SZ everything! The green black and pink sparkly kitties were too cute! :)
Curious George for my 2yo monkey...and colorful kitty heads have been another long time favorite.
The red floral is a M'liss fabric. Her stuff is so pretty and expensive! I just couldn't pass it up for the price. The paisley is different from what i normally choose...but i loved the colors. There wasn't much left anyway. The other two are similar floral prints just different colors. They are so sweet. I have admired them forever.... So with all that fabric, i will have plenty to do over the summer....unless i get another job. Which at this point i just may need to to... :(


Mama Koch said...

You've done good with the bargains. I'd be in would ALL follow me home.

Two more weeks? Then what?

debbie said...

I tried my best to NOT spend $$. Sometimes it is so hard, especially when the sale is to good to resist! lol I kept hearing dh's voice in my head telling me NO! lol ;)

I am not currently looking for a new job. Pretty soon dh will be going on a business trip, ds1 is going to scout camp, dd1 is going on trip w/the youth group and is also possibly going on vacation with the family she babysits for. I will be home with the younger ones trying to get this house cleaned and painted so we can hopefully list if for sale this summer. I am having a tough time because decorating does not come naturally for me. lol Anyone want to come help me!? :)