Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy and depressing....

I will start off with the depressing. lol More work pictures....
This is what is left of the Scrap booking dept. If you notice the white tile on the floor, that is the main racetrack that goes around the store. So the SB'ing wall has been moved to the main isle.

This is an empty space behind the cutting counter. We have been talking about all the fun things we can do in our new lounge. :) it is completely blocked off to customers. This is the half of our cutting counter that has been eaten up by the back wall. :(
So now we only have 3 cutting spaces...we are no longer cutting anything. Fabric is at 70% and at that discount you must take the entire bolt. so we are only measuring the fabric.

Can you see how much thread is left? lol Not much! A lot of it is now mine. lol
This is a pic of the main isle of the store. It is now a looooong hallway. if you wanted you could go back to some of the older posts to see the before pictures...this is a good one.

The past few months have been strange. In Jan we were told of the closure. Feb liquidation started. At times it seemed that time stood still, like when we were all in shock of the news. Liquidation started and so did the heavy work schedule. Working 9 or 7 days in a row, seemed to be forever! Now that the end is in sight looking back it all seemed to go by so quickly.
Wanna hear something funny!? Someone from corporate has been reading my blog....
Hmm..wonder why? :)

Sunday evening we had a farewell party at a local steak house. About 20-25 of us showed up. It was a lot of fun. We ended up closing the place down. There were lots of pictures taken...but not from my camera! :o/
The 2 people from the liquidators have been very nice to us. It was nice to work for nice people. She asked if any of us would want to go to Seattle with her to help close another store. I thought about it... lol but couldn't leave my family for that long. It probably wouldn't be fun for the kids to be locked up in a hotel room for 2 months either.
So it is all quickly coming to an end....I have 3 days left of work. The last day the store will be open is Saturday! I will be terminated on Sunday....My kids are excited! We plan to work on some painting and decluttering projects in preparation to move. Hopefully this year.

Now for the Happy! :)

This is Sister Sophia! She is my favorite Nun. :o) She is such a wonderful person. I will miss seeing her. She did say that if i ever decided to get another job to come to the mega nursing complex where she is a nun. When i asked if i could take her picture, she agreed but wanted to stand next to something colorful! :) She chose a very colorful wall...calico. lol
Here are Carol, Joe and Nicole. Carol and i started on the same day. I worked with Joe on my first day and many days after. Nicole is a seasonal hire so she has only been there for a short time, but she is very sweet.
Here are the first flowers to bloom in my garden. :)

And here is a happy boy playing outside! :0 )

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