Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Belated Birthday!

Sunday was Sarah's 6th Birthday! I can't believe she is 6 already....
It seems like just yesterday she was born. Where does the time go?

Sarah really didnt have much on her birthday list. She wanted 3 things.

1) A stool.
She wanted a stool so she could reach her dresses in her closet. I found this stool at Target. It was plain white, so i looked around and found some wall decals. It was a tough call between Princesses and Butterflies. (she really likes both)

2) A Barbie she had seen at the grocery store...were talkin' $5 here.

3) $6
Silly me...I thought she wanted $6 cause she was 6! What she really wanted the $6 for was to blow on club Penguin.... You really don't get anything real for your money. It is all virtual and all your purchases are virtual too. This $6 will get her 1 month of virtual "stuff" at club penguin. But she will have fun blowing her real money on virtual "stuff"......


Me said...

Happy Birthday Cu-t-pie!

My kids want to do the penguin thing too but they already have webkins and I have drawn the line like a mean mommy. They also want those petshop pets that have a virtual site...nooope. One is all ya get ya whippersnappers!

She wanted a barbie for Christmas didn't she? Ya she got one!

debbie said...

Sarah wanted a replacement for her Kellie Pickler Barbie that the dog chewed.

Dh found this online virtual game similar to these. The kids win playtime from the parents logging in the amount of chores or good behavior that the child really performs. Cant remember what it is called though...