Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My last day at work!!

.....and i called off sick. I really had a good excuse though. The Dr insisted on admitting me to the hospital for surgery on an infected kidney stone stuck between my kidney and my bladder....so much more fun! more when i feel better. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More fabric followed me home....

At these prices, who could resist!? :) Fabric is 70% off, HD 80% only a few more days left. If you are in the area you should stop in and get some great deals! :)

and yes...colorizing fabric is an illness employees come down with....lol!

Remember these pictures??

This is what that section looks like now.... :o(

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An interesting article...

This article was released in yesterdays newspaper.....
Hmm....what do you think!? Interesting huh?
btw, this is the shopping center where i work.

Happy and depressing....

I will start off with the depressing. lol More work pictures....
This is what is left of the Scrap booking dept. If you notice the white tile on the floor, that is the main racetrack that goes around the store. So the SB'ing wall has been moved to the main isle.

This is an empty space behind the cutting counter. We have been talking about all the fun things we can do in our new lounge. :) it is completely blocked off to customers. This is the half of our cutting counter that has been eaten up by the back wall. :(
So now we only have 3 cutting spaces...we are no longer cutting anything. Fabric is at 70% and at that discount you must take the entire bolt. so we are only measuring the fabric.

Can you see how much thread is left? lol Not much! A lot of it is now mine. lol
This is a pic of the main isle of the store. It is now a looooong hallway. if you wanted you could go back to some of the older posts to see the before pictures...this is a good one.

The past few months have been strange. In Jan we were told of the closure. Feb liquidation started. At times it seemed that time stood still, like when we were all in shock of the news. Liquidation started and so did the heavy work schedule. Working 9 or 7 days in a row, seemed to be forever! Now that the end is in sight looking back it all seemed to go by so quickly.
Wanna hear something funny!? Someone from corporate has been reading my blog....
Hmm..wonder why? :)

Sunday evening we had a farewell party at a local steak house. About 20-25 of us showed up. It was a lot of fun. We ended up closing the place down. There were lots of pictures taken...but not from my camera! :o/
The 2 people from the liquidators have been very nice to us. It was nice to work for nice people. She asked if any of us would want to go to Seattle with her to help close another store. I thought about it... lol but couldn't leave my family for that long. It probably wouldn't be fun for the kids to be locked up in a hotel room for 2 months either.
So it is all quickly coming to an end....I have 3 days left of work. The last day the store will be open is Saturday! I will be terminated on Sunday....My kids are excited! We plan to work on some painting and decluttering projects in preparation to move. Hopefully this year.

Now for the Happy! :)

This is Sister Sophia! She is my favorite Nun. :o) She is such a wonderful person. I will miss seeing her. She did say that if i ever decided to get another job to come to the mega nursing complex where she is a nun. When i asked if i could take her picture, she agreed but wanted to stand next to something colorful! :) She chose a very colorful wall...calico. lol
Here are Carol, Joe and Nicole. Carol and i started on the same day. I worked with Joe on my first day and many days after. Nicole is a seasonal hire so she has only been there for a short time, but she is very sweet.
Here are the first flowers to bloom in my garden. :)

And here is a happy boy playing outside! :0 )

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a boy wont do for attention!

You know how boys are...always trying to get attention, even worst a 5th child! Saturday Joshua was running a high fever. He was also crying and yelling that his eyes hurt. It was tough to listen to him and not able to do anything to stop the pain. I had an 8 hr shift that day, dh was brave and was able to get through the day with Joshua crying and yelling. When i got home dh said we need to do something. He tried to get a hold of the nurse on call, and was on hold for 40 minutes and never talked to anyone. So we decided ER was the answer...When I got there josh was taken back right away. The nurse had 2 others come and help her because he was so sick and crying so much. Instead of waiting in the waiting room for an hour, they decided he was sick enough to be seen right away. The Dr came in, which Joshua didn't seem to like. They gave him motrin and Tylenol and he had X-rays taken. the Dr decided Joshua's tongue and throat appeared to be swollen. He said Josh should be admitted. Since we were in a hospital ER i assumed we would be going upstairs...but when 4 paramedics showed up i found out we were going downtown. So by ambulance they took us downtown. When they were putting josh on the stretcher he asked for Mimmy! (his brother Timmy) :o( We got downtown and were seen right away. By then the medicine had taken full effect and he was feeling much better. The Dr said she wished the ER would have called for a consult because the symptoms were of a virus going around and that would have saved us a lot of trouble. We stayed the night and they kept watch. We were up till 3am while Josh ate. Poor guy was so hungry by then. After that he got to sleep in his "tree house" bed (crib, with a top so he couldn't fall out) By morning he was feeling much better. The Dr said they gave him more Tylenol during the night for fever. She said he just had a virus, and that they are very painful. We were sent home to rest. He is feeling better today. He has not complained that his eyes hurt, but he is still not feeling well. I cant imagine what this is gonna cost us...

Click here to see Josh with his "shocks" :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Week Toy Giveaway Event!!

Something fun from 5 minutes for Mom

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event

Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My week in review....

Things are going fast at work. I was surprised yesterday when i had been there for about 30 minutes before i realized the back wall was 5 feet beyond the cutting counter!! It moved fast! For the past several days i have been rolling and pricing HD fabric. (found something that i am good at!) Other people have worked on it but I heard i am faster at it. I heard my boss is impressed with my work and saves that job for me. A lot of the other girls are mad cause they want to do it cause they think it is fun. It is kinda fun, but it is also hard work! They don't realize that because when they do it they go so slow it isn't hard work to them and they don't get much done. My poor old sore body is reminding me how much work i am doing. Which reminds me!! A co-worker asked me to switch days and now i have 2 days off in a row!!! :) who-hoo!

Last week when we were coming home we spotted the weinermobile parked in the shopping center. Funny how far away you can spot this thing! lol

J's is quickly coming to an end. We have about 2 weeks left. They are ready to put up the "last 10 days" signs. The new boss has been giving extra discounts over the past few weeks. I was excited to pick up this ($300) OTT lamp for a few bucks....

And this craft lamp that fits perfectly on the desk for less bucks.....
You really don't want to know how much do you!? You should shop the sale! ;)(brake pedal....)
Dh hasn't seen these...but i got all these metallic and embroidery thread for the amount of change i had in my pocket. Aren't they pretty? (brakes again...) Dh *has* seen these...

I have decided to open a fabric store!
lol not really...but the price was WAY to good to pass up!

Here are some close ups ....I have loved this fabric ever since we got it in. I love the pink, black and turquoise . Plus it has cats too!
Sarah was with me on this trip and couldn't live without these fabrics...Princess of course! Her and i have this thing for Suzy Zoo, and there is a lot of fabric on this bolt so she will have SZ everything! The green black and pink sparkly kitties were too cute! :)
Curious George for my 2yo monkey...and colorful kitty heads have been another long time favorite.
The red floral is a M'liss fabric. Her stuff is so pretty and expensive! I just couldn't pass it up for the price. The paisley is different from what i normally choose...but i loved the colors. There wasn't much left anyway. The other two are similar floral prints just different colors. They are so sweet. I have admired them forever.... So with all that fabric, i will have plenty to do over the summer....unless i get another job. Which at this point i just may need to to... :(

Monday, April 07, 2008

Remembering Elaine

Remember Elaine? she was my co-worker that I worked with for the first 7 months. 95% of the time our schedule was the same. We worked well together and we got along. I hadn't realized how obvious it was to other employees. They still associate us together. Elaine retired last May to babysit her grandchildren full time. I think she was 87... Shortly after she retired she was diagnosed with lung cancer even though she never smoked in her life. Her battle with cancer ended last week. She will not have to suffer any longer.
Visitation was last night, I had to work and was not able to go. The funeral was this morning and I missed it. I was not able to sleep last night. I finally got to sleep around 4am....i never heard the alarm go off...
Elaine lived a long life. She was a tough woman even though she was small in stature. She lived for her children and tried to do everything they asked her to do from babysitting to making 1st Communion dresses...Honestly they took advantage of her. They never remembered her birthday, but if she forgot theirs, look out! I remember her birthday last year someone at work baked her a cake, she was SO excited because she couldn't remember the last time anyone had baked for her. She knew her children would not remember her birthday. On Mothers Day *she* had to make, serve and clean up dinner while they sat around enjoying the day. I remember when her daughters family got a puppy. Elaine had to babysit the pup because it was on a strict training schedule! She had to wrap the leash around her waist and take the pup everywhere she went. she was not allowed to take the leash off even to use the restroom. I though it was crazy since the pup could easily knock her down....but she did it because she loved her children.
She was so thrilled at the reitrement party! She received flowers, balloons, cards and gifts. She said her kids would have never done this much for her and she was so touched that her co-workers thought enough about her to give her this special day. She had asked for me to keep in touch with her...but between kids and work i never had a chance. I had seen her a few times when she was in shopping but that was all.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Belated Birthday!

Sunday was Sarah's 6th Birthday! I can't believe she is 6 already....
It seems like just yesterday she was born. Where does the time go?

Sarah really didnt have much on her birthday list. She wanted 3 things.

1) A stool.
She wanted a stool so she could reach her dresses in her closet. I found this stool at Target. It was plain white, so i looked around and found some wall decals. It was a tough call between Princesses and Butterflies. (she really likes both)

2) A Barbie she had seen at the grocery store...were talkin' $5 here.

3) $6
Silly me...I thought she wanted $6 cause she was 6! What she really wanted the $6 for was to blow on club Penguin.... You really don't get anything real for your money. It is all virtual and all your purchases are virtual too. This $6 will get her 1 month of virtual "stuff" at club penguin. But she will have fun blowing her real money on virtual "stuff"......