Sunday, March 16, 2008

The new look

Since the ground has started to thaw, the fire dept has become a regular at J's. Too bad they aren't here to shop...You see the shopping center is built on an old landfill. The methane alarm has been going off way too much lately. This is what i found one day when I arrived at work. Silly thing is, some of these people are customers waiting to get back into the store to shop!
Liquidation has been going well. The first 3 weeks we had record breaking sales. And that was with 20 and 30% off. The 4th week they changed it 30-40%. Still higher prices than a regular store. But people are buying this stuff like there is no tomorrow! We move stuff, only to move it back. Clear an area, only to fill it again....(job security) Currently we are working on measuring and taping up all fabric. Once that is done the cutting counter employees will no longer be needed. :( However last week they started training all of us on the registers. When our position is finished, the seasonal employees will be let go and we will take over their jobs.
Most of the Mgrs have moved on, several of the supervisors have moved on too. Funny thing is they all went to the same store.


Sniz said...

Hey stranger! How are you doing? The store closing is taking a while, huh? It must be tough. How's the sewing going?

debbie said...

Hi Sniz!
My life has been crazy since liquidation started! I went from working 10 hours a week to working 30! I am struggling to keep up with school and life in general. I have not had a chance to sew for a while now. I have my list for when i am out of a job. :) I think liquidation will take another 4-5 weeks. that is my guess... I am trying to continue to work while i can for the extra money. sometimes i am not sure it is worth it. lol I dont see dh much any more. He leaves for work really early and i leave for work before he gets home. I keep reminding myself it is only for a few more weeks.