Monday, March 24, 2008

are you tired of my work posts yet??

It is also possible that no one reads my blog
So anyway.....Liquidation is moving right along. The entire back of the store is closed off. Here is our entrance to the bat cave. (back of the store, break room, stock room, break room and employee only restrooms!)

Remember this wall? it used to be calico then fleece.
Now after several moves, the fleece is where the calico used to be and Home Dec. has taken over most of the wall. Where home dec used to be is all closed off and is being used as storage.

The beginning of the old calico wall...

now it is fleece...
This *was* our Viking Sewing Gallery....
Now it is home to batting and pillow forms.
Here is a pic inside the bat cave. This whole back section used to be frames, home essentials and Home Dec.
This is what our Frame Shop now looks like. It is a partial office area and mostly storage.
This is where home Dec used to be.
All fixtures are being packed up and being shipped to CA. They are opening a new store and our fixtures will be going to fill that store. They are less than two years old anyway.

It seems so odd the entire adventure. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. On one hand, i have spent the past 1.5 years working with most of these people. We are a pretty close group, we are always talking and joking aroung. So i will be sad to not work with them any more. On the other hand the past several weeks have taken me away from my family. They are used to not having me around and have gotten used to not talking to me....(those are my personal feelings) Perhaps when i am home all the time they will get used to having me around and will want to talk to me.
I will miss some of the customers, a lot of then come in all the time and are nice to us and we have gotten to know them. On the other hand are the customers that are a pain! We still have customers yell at us for stupid reasons. And even though there are 100's of signs around the dept about yardage minimums, they still try to get less and get angry when we don't do what they want us too. Then there are the mystery people that shoplift from us. Who are they? And why do they have to steal? Over the weekend i found a lot of empty baby basics boards. Can you imagine making a baby a gift with stolen fabric!?
Rumor has it that we only have about 3 weeks left. They are considering who will be the first to be let go. (seasonal girls of course) Once all the fabric is wrapped and priced we will not be needed at the cutting counter. All original CC employees have been trained on registers. This week we are supposed to have all trims measured and wrapped, and work on wrapping home dec and all other fabric that customers bring to the cutting counter. We are busy, busy busy.....Each day our dept gets smaller and smaller! Which means less clean up work for us.
If you are still reading....Thanks!!! :)


Marie N. said...

I hope you get to sleep in and have some one bring you breakfast in bed the first day after the job ends. You'll certainly have earned it!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Won't it be cool to sleep until your done? 'Work' in jammies?

debbie said...

Marie, I am half affraid of what they would serve me! LOl!

Sleep? what is sleep!? lol I could teach school in my jammies!!! :)