Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What type of fruit are you.....

You Are a Banana

You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.

People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.

You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.

You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Help for Stress and Anxiety

Yes, this is a commercial....but a good one!!! :0)

Do you or someone you know suffer from stress and anxiety? Have you ever heard of "The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety"? They offer a program to help overcome stress and anxiety from the comfort of your own home. You can check out their website for tons of good information! They also offer a free CD info pack if you call 1-800-608-7183. You can also try their program free for 30 days! You would be surprised at how much you will learn and how much better you feel after just 30 days!

(blurb from website)
The Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program is a clinically validated method for taking control and enjoying your life again,as you never imagined possible. Now in an interactive online format, the program moves quickly and is designed to be fun, engaging, and very motivating. In fact, many people say that after spending just two weeks with this program their panic attacks and anxious symptoms disappeared - forever.

Unlimited access to the interactive tools, exclusive content and peer support in this 15 session course will help you control your symptoms, prevent severe anxiety, stop negative worrisome thoughts, and control your emotions. It will provide the resources for you to become confident, assertive and independent

Just so you know....I am not getting any kind of kickback from this ad! This is personal. Dh has been dealing with stress and anxiety for some time now. He did not like being on medication and decided to try the program. I know of several people dealing with issues right now and i feel helpless. I understand, but i don't.... My issues were due to postpartum depression. As horrible as i felt/feel when dealing with that, i know my situation is not nearly as bad as others. That's all..... :)

are you tired of my work posts yet??

It is also possible that no one reads my blog
So anyway.....Liquidation is moving right along. The entire back of the store is closed off. Here is our entrance to the bat cave. (back of the store, break room, stock room, break room and employee only restrooms!)

Remember this wall? it used to be calico then fleece.
Now after several moves, the fleece is where the calico used to be and Home Dec. has taken over most of the wall. Where home dec used to be is all closed off and is being used as storage.

The beginning of the old calico wall...

now it is fleece...
This *was* our Viking Sewing Gallery....
Now it is home to batting and pillow forms.
Here is a pic inside the bat cave. This whole back section used to be frames, home essentials and Home Dec.
This is what our Frame Shop now looks like. It is a partial office area and mostly storage.
This is where home Dec used to be.
All fixtures are being packed up and being shipped to CA. They are opening a new store and our fixtures will be going to fill that store. They are less than two years old anyway.

It seems so odd the entire adventure. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. On one hand, i have spent the past 1.5 years working with most of these people. We are a pretty close group, we are always talking and joking aroung. So i will be sad to not work with them any more. On the other hand the past several weeks have taken me away from my family. They are used to not having me around and have gotten used to not talking to me....(those are my personal feelings) Perhaps when i am home all the time they will get used to having me around and will want to talk to me.
I will miss some of the customers, a lot of then come in all the time and are nice to us and we have gotten to know them. On the other hand are the customers that are a pain! We still have customers yell at us for stupid reasons. And even though there are 100's of signs around the dept about yardage minimums, they still try to get less and get angry when we don't do what they want us too. Then there are the mystery people that shoplift from us. Who are they? And why do they have to steal? Over the weekend i found a lot of empty baby basics boards. Can you imagine making a baby a gift with stolen fabric!?
Rumor has it that we only have about 3 weeks left. They are considering who will be the first to be let go. (seasonal girls of course) Once all the fabric is wrapped and priced we will not be needed at the cutting counter. All original CC employees have been trained on registers. This week we are supposed to have all trims measured and wrapped, and work on wrapping home dec and all other fabric that customers bring to the cutting counter. We are busy, busy busy.....Each day our dept gets smaller and smaller! Which means less clean up work for us.
If you are still reading....Thanks!!! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A MUST!!! :)

You MUST visit Emily's blog!!! she has some pix of the lambs!! :)

The new look

Since the ground has started to thaw, the fire dept has become a regular at J's. Too bad they aren't here to shop...You see the shopping center is built on an old landfill. The methane alarm has been going off way too much lately. This is what i found one day when I arrived at work. Silly thing is, some of these people are customers waiting to get back into the store to shop!
Liquidation has been going well. The first 3 weeks we had record breaking sales. And that was with 20 and 30% off. The 4th week they changed it 30-40%. Still higher prices than a regular store. But people are buying this stuff like there is no tomorrow! We move stuff, only to move it back. Clear an area, only to fill it again....(job security) Currently we are working on measuring and taping up all fabric. Once that is done the cutting counter employees will no longer be needed. :( However last week they started training all of us on the registers. When our position is finished, the seasonal employees will be let go and we will take over their jobs.
Most of the Mgrs have moved on, several of the supervisors have moved on too. Funny thing is they all went to the same store.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I had some great pix's to share....

but the computer ate them for a snack. :( This week Em has been taking her OGT's. The testing location just happens to be near Lake Farm Park. They just happen to be having their annual Quilt show. But no pictures :( There were some really amazing quilts too! The pic i am sad to loose was of Sarah standing in front of her fav quilt. It looked like a beautiful breezy day flying a kite. The pic almost looked like she was really flying the kite.
Also going on at the farm park is lambing season. They have over 100 sheep/lambs right now. We actually got to see one being born! the baby was cute!! We went back to see him today and he is even more adorable now that he was all cleaned up. He even has a brother! :) Their was another lamb that i just wanted to stick in the stroller and bring home. His name is Gator. He can slip out of the fenced in area. Then he follows you around, just like a little pup. He was *so* cute!! pics. :( Josh LOVED the piggy's he stood at the gate and they all (like 10 of em') came and they messed around with him. I had a pic of one that was sitting. He reminded me of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Josh also loved the baby lambs. He did the same with them. They would gather at the gate and he would hug them. :( but no pics! I also *had* a pic of a big draft horse looking over the fence at the lambs. it was really cute! I suppose i still have time to go take the pics again...too bad they are closed on Mondays! Since we have to go back on Monday for one last test. :o/
One day on our way to the Farm Park we were driving over a bridge, under it was a farm, stream and wooded area. I noticed a very large bird flying by. It was a bald eagle!! I had only seen an eagle in the zoo and he just perched on a branch. This one was flying and was huge and was amazing! I suppose if we get to go back next week I will try to take more pics..... Too bad gas is so expensive....sigh...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Here's what i am thinking....

Even though right now it feels like an eternity...In a few short weeks i will be unemployed. The nice customers ask what I am going to do after it is all over with. I am really excited for the opportunity to catch up on some sewing projects!! Which makes the nice customers happy for me. :) Over the past 18 months i have collected more fabric than dh knows about! ;o) (naw! he sees it all! I think!?) So here are some of the things i had in mind....

Here are "a few" of the patterns i have collected. All great projects. Looking forward to using some of these.
Of course here is the pattern i purchased back in the early 90's to make dh a shirt.... :o/ Wonder if i could adjust the pattern and make the pockets and collar smaller? lol wonder if dh 's co-workers will make fun of him? lol Here is my appliqué' quilt. top is done, needs to be finished off. :)

I was planning on making some new kitchen curtains...just cant decide which fabric to use...I love them both!!!
This is Jacobs quilt the top is finished, just needs to be quilted. This will be on the list.
They offered remnants to employees for .25. :) I was thinking dress up stuff for the younger ones. :) of course some of these are almost 2yds! i could use them for other things too.
This is a quilt i started for a gal that was preg. she had her baby several (several!) months ago....
This is quilt i made with the extra fabric from the above quilt. It is ready to be finished too! I think i want to put a pink border on this one.
This is a pic of the pattern for Sarah's quilt. She used to cry at night because all she wanted was her quilt! :o(
This is as far as i got...
Then there is Emily's quilt. I started hers a really"really" long time ago! It just needs to be quilted and have the binding sewn on. (#1 on list)
I got these baby wash clothes from the $1 bin. I was going to play around and embroider on them.
These are going to be bean bags for the kids. It "sounds" like a good idea....wonder if it will be!?
Here is a place mat that I paid a *lot* of money for! i was going to make a purse out of it....
so that is what i have in mind for when i become unemployed! :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sewing Machine Bling...

The other day was by birthday. My family got me a quilting table for my sewing machine and some tear a way stabilizer. :) I am looking forward to useing my gift in a few weeks when i no longer have a job. :)