Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playin' Hooky

Monday was a beautiful day! It just happened to be the day i had promised Timothy i would take him snowboarding if he got his school work done ahead of time....(which he did) So off to the slopes we went.
Here is Emily, cranky cause she got a bad board... :( but carefully practicing her turns. Most of the pictures i got of her were of her back.

Here is Jacob, the *cool guy* He takes after his father and prefers to go full speed down the hill. He can do it rather well without falling too! i asked him why he didn't practice his techniques. He said it was more fun to zoom down the hill. The next run he tried practicing techniques and he kept falling. lol

Here is Timothy the cautious one. I could always tell which one was Jacob because he was the one in black zooming down the hill. I could always tell which one Timmy was (even camouflaged) He was the one 5 minutes after Jacob, cautiously coming down the hill, hands out to steady his balance. :)

While the older ones were enjoying the slopes, the younger two and i watched from the lodge. Being Monday we had most of the place to ourselves. The kids could run around without getting trampled. Joshua was in a much better mood than he normally is on Fridays, but there are a ton of people there on Fridays too!
Sarah was a good sport and we finished up last weeks school work that we were behind on. isn't she just the perfect little student!? (btw, that funny red thing is her head band. She had it on the back of her head for some reason...?)