Monday, February 11, 2008

out of a fog...

Josh and I have a cold. It isn't a horrible cold, but the cough that goes with it *is* horrible. I try NOT to cough, but that only makes it worse. The dry air at work and all the lint from cutting fabric makes it worse too. I finally picked up some cough medicine today. I hope i chose the right medicine for my cough. Why do we have to have so many choices? Who wants to make choices when you feel foggy? lol

Did you see i won a blog contest? I did! :) I entered it because Emily had this thing for Elvis and Pez dispersers. One of the items in the prize was Elvis Pez dispensers! How cool is that!? lol I had just recently come across this blog. It is a really neat blog, she is quite humorous and a talented quilter.

Can you believe it is almost Feb 18th!? That is the day the liquidators were to take over the store. They ended up changing it to the 19th so it doesn't interrupt the Big Presidents Day Sale. Last chance at getting $$ i guess.
It is all so odd....I had been working 2 nights a week. Employees are starting to quit, so i was able to pick up extra hours. I thought it was odd,but then i found out the store mgr (the one that doesn't like me) is on vacation. The mgr that is taking over the schedule likes me and offered me the hours. this week i have 5 nights and the week after i have 6!!! Gosh am i gonna be tired! But that's money in the bank (cha-ching, cha-ching) So how this all works out is that the store mgr goes on vacation. she comes back for 2 days before going to her new store.
While at work last night a woman walks up to the counter and asks for a piece of scrap paper. not an odd request. But then she introduces her self to us. Huh? Oh she is going to be my new boss for liquidation! Her and a man (not sure of the relationship) were in checking out the store.
She is really super nice and took the time to talk to us and tell us a little about herself. Later the reality of it all was sinking in. Next Monday will be the last day that this store will exist. I started to get myself all worked up, but i thought it wasn't a good time or I was *really* tired!

In other news...Emily gets to take a school field trip to DC. I am so excited for her! The trip is for the 8th graders, but they had open spots and offered to 9th & 10th graders that were chosen by the advisor's and Emily was one of them. The trip is covered by the school all she needs is spending money. How cool is that! (my new saying, i guess...) She knows a few of the girls from ski club (also covered by the school) so hopefully she wont be too shy. :)
I think that is it for now. Thanks for reading. :)