Monday, February 18, 2008

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Luv Valentine Give Away

I recived my Hunka Hunka Burnin' Luv Valentine package!! Lots of fun stuff inside :) Fabric bundles, candy, wax lips and Elvis pez dispensers. I gave Em the Elvis Pez...It was her b-day. She loves them and has this thing for Elvis....
I promised moonbeams in a jar pictures of me with the wax lips! LOL Dh played along with me so i wouldn't look like a wacko by myself. lol
Sarah wanted in on the action too! These things are much bigger than i remember as a kid!

Josh thought it was funny and since everyone else was getting a picture he wanted one too. The other 3 choose to not be photographed....Thank you Moon Beams in a Jar!!! :)


Mary Anne said...

OMG !!!!! That's hysterical!!!! You and your family are such good sports for modeling the wax lips !!!!! YEAH !!!!! .... and I must say, DAHLINGS, you all look simply DAHLING !!!!!

Amanda said...

I was going through Mary Anne's blog when she posted that you won wax lips, so I popped in to see.

Everybody that knows Mary Anne, meets Mary Anne, or is related to Mary Anne has to "try on" something!! She is too hilarious!

You and your family look adorable in your wax lips!

debbie said...

Hi Amanda!
Thanks for stopping by! I do love Mary Anne's blog. I just happened to stumble across it somewhere along the way. The kids had a blast with the wax lips. lol
My blog is kinda at a standstill right now with working through the store closing. Within a few weeks i should be unemployed and quilting again!