Monday, February 18, 2008

The end of J...

Post # 3 of the day.... :)

Sunday morning we had a mandatory employee meeting. (funny how many employees didn't show!) Sunday morning was the beginning of employment under liquidation. We have a week of transition from being a J store going into "live liquidation".

This week we will honor J sale prices and coupons. On Sunday we will no longer have anything to do with J except the name on the building and dress code.

Signs quickly went up and liquidation begins....
We now have a 2yd minimum on fabric and trims, 5yd min. on home dec fabric.
Everything is 20% off unless it is on sale in the J ad.
More signs will be going up today....

People are crazed. I was *SO* happy i didn't have any angry customers yesterday! Some of the cashiers got cussed out...a "sweet little old lady" called the Mgr a very-very bad name. Don't know where she got that sailors mouth. Most customers accepted the new policies, some just refused.
I did have a customer that was returning $100 worth of fabric. She was trying to convince me how sad she was that the store was closing, (uh, huh...) and then felt she needed to explain over and over again why she was returning this fabric. I bit my lip and didn't say a thing....but wanted to tell her SHE is the reason we are closing! People buy $$$ of stuff and then return it. A lot of times the items were purchased at other stores. People don't realize how much that hurts a store. The least you could do is return it to the store where you purchased it.

I work again tonight, then i will have one day off before my 9 day work marathon! Everyone is being worked to the max. We are starting to get cranky and irritable and picking at each other. Dh says it also is separation anxiety. Since it is officially ending. We are normally pretty close. But our group is 98% women. so we still get hormonal. lol

Here are my co-workers. top: Patty, Vickie, Me, Joe, Carol
bottom: Ella (supervisor) and Barb


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I hope something good works out for you.

debbie said...

If i continue to work 30 hours a week, I think we will be in a position financially where i wont need to work! I plan on spending evenings sewing (or with family) :) I am looking forward to finally using all the fabric i have collected over the past year and a half. :)

Sniz said...

I'm so sad for this closing. I love Joanns. The one here is doing well and I'm glad. I hope you can make enough money sewing at home that you don't need to work outside the home anymore!

Mama Koch said... me stupid, but I would never even think about returning fabric....unless it was flawed or if a dye lot didn't match. That's just tacky if you ask me!

Sorry about the store closing...but economics are weird.