Monday, February 18, 2008

The end continues...

It has been an interesting journey getting to this point. As you can see by the pictures this is a beautiful store. It is not falling down (at least not yet) and it is very clean, unlike some stores. Plus it is huge! (35,000 sq ft)

This is the cutting counter. I spend much of my time at work here. It is a nice work area. Well thought out except for the pole at the home dec cutting area.. We have 7 cutting spaces at our counter. Lots of room for cutting.....
Here is the Viking gallery Mgr. He was wearing his Viking hat, i quickly pulled out my camera and snapped this pix. He is such a nice guy! I can never remember where he is from. I think it is Norway.

Remember all that draped fabric? Well now it is wrapped and banded. Doesn't look at nice, but is more practical for liquidation. Notice in the background is the (empty) AG section. Most of their stuff has been taken away. What is left is going to be liquidated.

This is part of the floral dept, you can see in the background the cutting services sign.

I HAD to take this picture!!! This is what the dept looks like after a 50% off clearance sale. People are amazing. We can never understand why people have to do this to us. lol

This is what it looked like after i got finished tucking it....That was alot of work!!!

This is the main isle on the dark side of the store... lol Us cutting counter people hardly ever get to venture to the craft side of the store. There is a force field keeping up out!!! Not really, but...

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