Thursday, February 14, 2008

coming to an end...

The ending date of my favorite store quickly approaches. Just a few more days and it will be chaos. Starting Tuesday 2-19 the store will no longer be under its current company. It will be property of the liquidators.
I took some pictures of some of my favorite spots in the store. We are (were) a super store. We were also a model store....That means that we set the example for all other stores! We are to be perfect 24/7! I wonder what the closing means for the rest of the stores since we were the model for all other stores.....

This is the beginning of the calioco wall , or "The great wall of China" as it has been known to be called.
From there it curves around and goes to China! lol I had to tuck all this fabric before i could take the picture! ;)This is the quilting section. Say Hi to Barb! She is fluffing the Valentine fabric. In the back were you see the row of baskets was the 4th level of the Great wall of China. Before they put those baskets there it was so empty and depressing.
Here is looking at the apparel fabric that also goes to China...All these rounders have to be fluffed each night. all the rows have to be tucked perfectly each night. Aren't all the colors pretty!?
One day when i am NOT working i want to take some more pictures. I need to get a picture of the cutting counter and the Viking Sewing Gallery.
Time is running short....

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