Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playin' Hooky

Monday was a beautiful day! It just happened to be the day i had promised Timothy i would take him snowboarding if he got his school work done ahead of time....(which he did) So off to the slopes we went.
Here is Emily, cranky cause she got a bad board... :( but carefully practicing her turns. Most of the pictures i got of her were of her back.

Here is Jacob, the *cool guy* He takes after his father and prefers to go full speed down the hill. He can do it rather well without falling too! i asked him why he didn't practice his techniques. He said it was more fun to zoom down the hill. The next run he tried practicing techniques and he kept falling. lol

Here is Timothy the cautious one. I could always tell which one was Jacob because he was the one in black zooming down the hill. I could always tell which one Timmy was (even camouflaged) He was the one 5 minutes after Jacob, cautiously coming down the hill, hands out to steady his balance. :)

While the older ones were enjoying the slopes, the younger two and i watched from the lodge. Being Monday we had most of the place to ourselves. The kids could run around without getting trampled. Joshua was in a much better mood than he normally is on Fridays, but there are a ton of people there on Fridays too!
Sarah was a good sport and we finished up last weeks school work that we were behind on. isn't she just the perfect little student!? (btw, that funny red thing is her head band. She had it on the back of her head for some reason...?)

Monday, February 18, 2008

The end of J...

Post # 3 of the day.... :)

Sunday morning we had a mandatory employee meeting. (funny how many employees didn't show!) Sunday morning was the beginning of employment under liquidation. We have a week of transition from being a J store going into "live liquidation".

This week we will honor J sale prices and coupons. On Sunday we will no longer have anything to do with J except the name on the building and dress code.

Signs quickly went up and liquidation begins....
We now have a 2yd minimum on fabric and trims, 5yd min. on home dec fabric.
Everything is 20% off unless it is on sale in the J ad.
More signs will be going up today....

People are crazed. I was *SO* happy i didn't have any angry customers yesterday! Some of the cashiers got cussed out...a "sweet little old lady" called the Mgr a very-very bad name. Don't know where she got that sailors mouth. Most customers accepted the new policies, some just refused.
I did have a customer that was returning $100 worth of fabric. She was trying to convince me how sad she was that the store was closing, (uh, huh...) and then felt she needed to explain over and over again why she was returning this fabric. I bit my lip and didn't say a thing....but wanted to tell her SHE is the reason we are closing! People buy $$$ of stuff and then return it. A lot of times the items were purchased at other stores. People don't realize how much that hurts a store. The least you could do is return it to the store where you purchased it.

I work again tonight, then i will have one day off before my 9 day work marathon! Everyone is being worked to the max. We are starting to get cranky and irritable and picking at each other. Dh says it also is separation anxiety. Since it is officially ending. We are normally pretty close. But our group is 98% women. so we still get hormonal. lol

Here are my co-workers. top: Patty, Vickie, Me, Joe, Carol
bottom: Ella (supervisor) and Barb

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Luv Valentine Give Away

I recived my Hunka Hunka Burnin' Luv Valentine package!! Lots of fun stuff inside :) Fabric bundles, candy, wax lips and Elvis pez dispensers. I gave Em the Elvis Pez...It was her b-day. She loves them and has this thing for Elvis....
I promised moonbeams in a jar pictures of me with the wax lips! LOL Dh played along with me so i wouldn't look like a wacko by myself. lol
Sarah wanted in on the action too! These things are much bigger than i remember as a kid!

Josh thought it was funny and since everyone else was getting a picture he wanted one too. The other 3 choose to not be photographed....Thank you Moon Beams in a Jar!!! :)

The end continues...

It has been an interesting journey getting to this point. As you can see by the pictures this is a beautiful store. It is not falling down (at least not yet) and it is very clean, unlike some stores. Plus it is huge! (35,000 sq ft)

This is the cutting counter. I spend much of my time at work here. It is a nice work area. Well thought out except for the pole at the home dec cutting area.. We have 7 cutting spaces at our counter. Lots of room for cutting.....
Here is the Viking gallery Mgr. He was wearing his Viking hat, i quickly pulled out my camera and snapped this pix. He is such a nice guy! I can never remember where he is from. I think it is Norway.

Remember all that draped fabric? Well now it is wrapped and banded. Doesn't look at nice, but is more practical for liquidation. Notice in the background is the (empty) AG section. Most of their stuff has been taken away. What is left is going to be liquidated.

This is part of the floral dept, you can see in the background the cutting services sign.

I HAD to take this picture!!! This is what the dept looks like after a 50% off clearance sale. People are amazing. We can never understand why people have to do this to us. lol

This is what it looked like after i got finished tucking it....That was alot of work!!!

This is the main isle on the dark side of the store... lol Us cutting counter people hardly ever get to venture to the craft side of the store. There is a force field keeping up out!!! Not really, but...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

coming to an end...

The ending date of my favorite store quickly approaches. Just a few more days and it will be chaos. Starting Tuesday 2-19 the store will no longer be under its current company. It will be property of the liquidators.
I took some pictures of some of my favorite spots in the store. We are (were) a super store. We were also a model store....That means that we set the example for all other stores! We are to be perfect 24/7! I wonder what the closing means for the rest of the stores since we were the model for all other stores.....

This is the beginning of the calioco wall , or "The great wall of China" as it has been known to be called.
From there it curves around and goes to China! lol I had to tuck all this fabric before i could take the picture! ;)This is the quilting section. Say Hi to Barb! She is fluffing the Valentine fabric. In the back were you see the row of baskets was the 4th level of the Great wall of China. Before they put those baskets there it was so empty and depressing.
Here is looking at the apparel fabric that also goes to China...All these rounders have to be fluffed each night. all the rows have to be tucked perfectly each night. Aren't all the colors pretty!?
One day when i am NOT working i want to take some more pictures. I need to get a picture of the cutting counter and the Viking Sewing Gallery.
Time is running short....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sweet 16

Today my oldest child turns 16!! Dh wrote a very nice post (much better that i could do) :) so you should read his post ! lol You may need a tissue. ;)
Happy Birthday Emily!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

out of a fog...

Josh and I have a cold. It isn't a horrible cold, but the cough that goes with it *is* horrible. I try NOT to cough, but that only makes it worse. The dry air at work and all the lint from cutting fabric makes it worse too. I finally picked up some cough medicine today. I hope i chose the right medicine for my cough. Why do we have to have so many choices? Who wants to make choices when you feel foggy? lol

Did you see i won a blog contest? I did! :) I entered it because Emily had this thing for Elvis and Pez dispersers. One of the items in the prize was Elvis Pez dispensers! How cool is that!? lol I had just recently come across this blog. It is a really neat blog, she is quite humorous and a talented quilter.

Can you believe it is almost Feb 18th!? That is the day the liquidators were to take over the store. They ended up changing it to the 19th so it doesn't interrupt the Big Presidents Day Sale. Last chance at getting $$ i guess.
It is all so odd....I had been working 2 nights a week. Employees are starting to quit, so i was able to pick up extra hours. I thought it was odd,but then i found out the store mgr (the one that doesn't like me) is on vacation. The mgr that is taking over the schedule likes me and offered me the hours. this week i have 5 nights and the week after i have 6!!! Gosh am i gonna be tired! But that's money in the bank (cha-ching, cha-ching) So how this all works out is that the store mgr goes on vacation. she comes back for 2 days before going to her new store.
While at work last night a woman walks up to the counter and asks for a piece of scrap paper. not an odd request. But then she introduces her self to us. Huh? Oh she is going to be my new boss for liquidation! Her and a man (not sure of the relationship) were in checking out the store.
She is really super nice and took the time to talk to us and tell us a little about herself. Later the reality of it all was sinking in. Next Monday will be the last day that this store will exist. I started to get myself all worked up, but i thought it wasn't a good time or place...plus I was *really* tired!

In other news...Emily gets to take a school field trip to DC. I am so excited for her! The trip is for the 8th graders, but they had open spots and offered to 9th & 10th graders that were chosen by the advisor's and Emily was one of them. The trip is covered by the school all she needs is spending money. How cool is that! (my new saying, i guess...) She knows a few of the girls from ski club (also covered by the school) so hopefully she wont be too shy. :)
I think that is it for now. Thanks for reading. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

Oddly enough we have been getting a lot of rain the past few days. Sarah's science project came at a perfect time. She made a rain gauge out of a plastic cup. The first day we put it out she got 2.5"of rain, the next day she got 4"! (yes, we dumped out the rain from the previous day) :) It rained again last nigh and she got 1.5" which then froze!

With all this rain (and bad luck we have had) we discovered our chimney is leaking. I searched all over for the drip. I had Jake climb into the attic where he discovered the wet chimney. The drip is dripping between the wall so we cant get to it. :o/ Life is fun, isn't it!? :O)