Monday, January 21, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This was Timothy's first year participating in Pine wood Derby. He was so excited about it too. His car was one of the only ones that looked like the boy had actually made the car. (but we expected that) He was very proud of his car. He choose to paint his car red with American flags on it. He also had his troop number on it since it was a race car.

And the race is on! Timothy's car is in lane 1, as you can see from the pix, at the begining of the race he is a car length ahead of the others. His car picked up speed from their and was undefeated!

He said that each time he won he smiled this crazy smile that he couldn't stop. Unfortunately from the distance and the lighting i couldnt get a pic of that smile. This is as close as i could get.

And here he is with his 1st Place trophy! He was so happy!

He then moved on to the finals...The other boys dads were allowed to put graphite on the wheels before their race so they were all really fast! I am not sure why Timmy's group didn't get to do that, but thats alright . His car wasn't as fast as the other boys and he took 3rd place in finals.

Here he is with his car and his 3rd place trophy. By now he was starting to zone. lol

Ahh, that 's better! Look at those trophy's! :o) Can you tell he is proud of them.?

At home he set up his new display on his dresser. Too bad that checkered flag is the curtain....
He already has some ideas for next year. He said either green with a turbine on top or a pink pig. lol


Presbytera said...

High fives to Timothy! I remember the excitement of the Pinewood Derby and can actually imagine his big grin at winning!

Marie N. said...

Very exciting! Congratulations Timmy!

Sniz said...

I like how you said it was the only car that actually looked like a boy made it! He should be proud. That's a lot of trophies.